I have to say that I’m not going to miss 2023 or the last 9 years much since they’ve been very tough, but I will remember them forever because this period has taught me more than I wanted and made me stronger. It has brought me closer to the right people and distanced me from the wrong ones. Why am I talking about 9 years if the post is about the summary of 2023? Well, keep reading so I can explain it to you calmly.

Ah, how nice, you’ve continued reading, thank you very much! As I was saying, in this post, I’m going to talk about the summary of this 2023 that we leave behind. But for me, I’m not just leaving behind 2023; I’m leaving behind the cycle of 9 years. Nuria, what the hell are you talking about? Well, you know I believe a lot in astrology and numerology (call me crazy, hahaha). In numerology, life is looked at in stages of 9 years. Nuria, how do you know what year you’re in? Well, in my post “THE CULMINATION OF THE END OF MY YEAR 9 CYCLE IN NUMEROLOGY,” I tell you how to know it and what these 9 years have been for me. As the title of the post says, 2023 has been year 9 (meaning the end of a stage), and in 2024, I’ll start year 1 (meaning starting over). And if you read the post (highly recommended), you’ll see that everything fits perfectly.

Having said all this, there are stages and stages; they can be 9 wonderful years, 9 years of a mix, or 9 tough years. I’m not going to say that these have been 9 completely tough years because wonderful things have happened to me, but it has been a bit of a pain in the ass, so I’m very happy to leave it behind. So now, with all of you, finally, my summary of 2023, The End (hahaha, sounds like an apocalyptic movie).

2023 started great, well, the first few minutes my boyfriend and I missed it because we fell asleep in the cabin of the cruise (yes, I started the year on a cruise in the Caribbean, not bad at all). From there, things went a bit down hill; first, I started with psoriasis on my feet (cracks and pains on the sole of the foot), it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I was able to wear boots, but as for heels, not dreaming of it for now. Then, I got fired (they say because the company was doing badly), although it was a coincidence that a few weeks before, I had applied for remote work to take care of my mother. Oh, and they raised my mortgage by another 500 euros a month… Add to that the trauma of my daughter when I told her she couldn’t continue studying in Madrid (private school) and had to return to Alicante. Should I continue? Hahaha, better not… I have to say that this last quarter things have started to pick up a bit, first with the new friendships I’ve made in the course I’m taking in Ciudad de la Luz. With the publication of my book “This Virus is a Ruin” and my second spiritual guide “Diary of Affirmations and Manifestation.” And finally, the hope that 2024 will be a year of beginnings, good vibes, and a bright future (I won’t accept anything less). (Let me tell you that just as I finished writing this sentence, my son says, “Mom, there’s no hot water.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the water heater has broken. Does anyone have about 2000euros to lend me so we can shower? Hahahahaha, I can’t, hahahaha. It’s just laughable, I really want to be positive, huh. Hahahaha.)

What do I expect from 2024 and the next 9-year cycle? Well, I hope that everything I’ve been learning from all the previous cycles serves to wake me up, so I don’t have doubts again about who I am and who I want to be. I hope to trust myself much more, continue writing my books and stories, and share them in different formats. I hope to work in what I’m passionate about, continue to be connected to all those positive people who help me shine, and, above all, I hope to have health and energy to face any obstacle that dares to present itself in my path.

So, this has been my summary of 2023, which, as you can see, has been very, very fun. And you, how are you leaving 2023, and what do you expect from 2024?