New Year´s resolutions

I would like to say WOW, how wonderfully 2024 has started! Fabulously, I’ve left the shiht show of 2023 and my 9 year sucky cycle, and everything is super awesome. But, for now, at 12 days into January, I can’t say that yet. Yeah, yeah, Nuria, don’t be so negative, have patience, be grateful, don’t give up, look at the positive side, keep going, don´t worry everything will be fine, everything will be resolved. I appreciate the words of encouragement, and I know you’re right, but let me enjoy my misery a bit, darn it! If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 55 years, it’s that there are ups and downs, moments and moments, and not everything has to be happy all the time. We have to let ourselves be carried away by emotions sometimes (without letting them sink us too deep, or you’re screwed). Today, I just want to share my goals for 2024 with you so you can hold me accountable for them throughout the year. Ready?

As I mentioned before, 2024 hasn’t started as I expected. What were you expecting, Nuria? Well, Nuria always expects the best, the most beautiful, the most cordial, everything in rosy colors (well, I prefer purple). I don’t have much patience, and that makes things seem even darker. Anyway, let’s get to the point, as always,  I’m rambling and you’re not stopping me. Here are the goals that I hope you’ll help me achieve.


  1. Get in shape (this means walking more, exercising more, and eating well). (Yeah, yeah, on everyone’s list in the universe, hahaha, but it has to be on there).
  2. Finish organizing my damn storage (sell, throw away, or give away crap).
  3. Find a damn job that I’m passionate about, pays well, that I can do marvelously, and gives me flexibility (yeah, I know, don’t say it).
  4. Write another book (this time one that people will buy, hahaha).
  5. Improve my financial situation by eliminating unnecessary expenses (Well, this is related to number 3, if not, we’re in trouble).
  6. Change my inner voice to be a bit kinder to myself (this one will be a tough nut to crack).
  7. Do at least one thing that’s way outside my comfort zone (I don’t know, something will come to me).
  8. Take a trip with my kids, all 3 together (I want to do this no matter what, even if it’s just driving to the corner and back, but all 3 together).
  9. Continue with my various courses on the little things I like (yes, ladies and gentlemen, we always have to stay updated).
  10. Read more and put the phone down for a while (social media sometimes consumes me, and I need a break, but don’t worry, this blog is sacred).

So, there you have it, my goals for 2024. I would love to know yours,