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Here is my collection of books. You can find more information about each one and make a purchase! Thank you very much for your support.


“This Virus is a Ruin” is a book that narrates Nuria’s (Nuricoco) experience during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic from March 14th to June 21st, 2020, in Alicante, Spain.


This diary is a 365-day challenge where you can jot down your gratitude, manifestations, and have mantras, tips, and space for reflection


This E-book is a continuation of my first E-book about my chronicles of isolation during the Covid pandemic.

*Soon available in English


This is my third E-Book where I answer 51 personal questions that were asked by the 51 people I interviewed on my program ‘Amigos con Talento’ (Friends with Talent).

*Soon available in English


My fourth E-Book where I write 52 chronicles speaking frankly (without filters) about my day-to-day life, reflections, struggles, little things that happen to me, my ups & downs.

*Soon available in English


My fifth E-Book, this one is very brief as it was a bit tough to recall the past. Here, I talk about parts of my life remembering certain photos.

*Soon available in English


The Diary of Nuricoco is a series of daily tips to help you find peace and harmony in your daily life.

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