I am part of a group that is a 10

It is never too late for anything, if you think so, in my opinion, you’re wrong. Life is full of new experiences, and we should always be open to new ideas, new experiences, new learnings, and new friends. You know that I’m an eternal learner, and my life has led me to investigate, learn, delve into many things; from all of them, I’ve learned something that has led me to the next thing. From all these experiences, I’ve met different people who have inspired me, taught me, and supported me.

Over 5 years ago, I participated in Isra García’s PEIG program, where I met a group of wonderful people with whom we still have a lot of contact and support each other, a very special group. I thought that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen to me again, but it has happened again, and that’s what I want to talk about today…

So, let me tell you, it seems that every time I become unemployed and fall into depression, low morale, and a slump for whatever reason, there are angels there to lift me up and give me the strength I need to keep going. Wonderful people appear, each one unique, each with their own dreams and fears, each with their own insecurities, but most importantly, each one is a great person with a big heart. People who are wonderful on their own, but when they come together with other equally incredible people, a very powerful nucleus is formed. An energy that envelops you, lifts you up, motivates you, and gives you the much-needed energy and hope when you need it.

This is what has happened to me once again, and I can’t be more grateful. When my friend Tracy suggested taking a course at Ciudad de la Luz, I thought he was crazy. It was a free course from the  ESCAC Film Shool  In a way, I was very excited because, in reality, my ex-husband and I moved from Los Angeles to Alicante because of Ciudad de la Luz about 20 years ago. We were told that these film studios would revolutionize the city and that Alicante would become the next Hollywood. So, in 2005, we left everything behind and embarked on an adventure that, although it didn’t turn out as we expected, brought me back to my home country.

The Film world has always been one of my passions, as I always dreamed of being a famous actress or working in the film industry. In the ’90s, I worked as an extra and actress in Los Angeles, but in the end, due to certain things in life, I took another path. So, when Tracy suggested taking the course, I resisted out of fear (I always have fear), but my adventurous side thought, “What the hell, Nuria, do it!”

And that’s where I met a new group of people out of this world, led by our teacher Eva, who invokes passion for her profession and breathes a collaborative spirit. She gives all her experience to be received by our minds, some virgins to this new world. From the first day, I felt embraced by this diverse group, full of talented people, without ego, and brilliant. Each one has inspired me in some way, and I just have to say that I admire each of them. Today, I want to thank them all publicly for their generosity.

Adriana, Alberto, Alejandro, Antonio R., Antonio S., Asun, Carlos, Carmen, Charlie, Chuse, Diana, Dimitar, Ester, Gabriel, Gonzalo, Inma, Juan, Mercé, Miguel Ángel, Pedro, Rome, Sara, Tonia, Tracy, and Valentina.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone; if I have, don’t worry, I’ll edit it!! Haha

For today, I just have to tell you this: I keep going, I’m ready for new adventures, I’m ready to face more challenges, my spirit is young and needs to keep growing. And I want to remind you that it’s never too late to make new friends, to believe in them, and let yourself be carried away by them.