My Affirmations and Manifestation Journal

Promises are debts, and I wanted to fulfill this debt before Christmas so that you would have time to buy gifts. Nuria, what are you talking about? Nuria is talking about her new Affirmation and Manifestation Journal. Just like the last journal, I wanted to create something that you can use daily  but this time I left it undated (Hold your horses, I’ll tell you more in a minute,  you’re impatient).

So, Nuricoco’s Affirmation and Manifestation Journal is something super necessary in your lives. You can see all the detailed information at this link, but I’ll summarize it a bit in my way in this post.

Affirmations and Manifestation journal

What I’ve done is capture my daily routine in a journal. Yes, yes, exactly, all the spiritual stuff I do every day (in addition to my yoga, meditation, visualization, and a thousand other little things).

And, what do you do every day, Nuria, to always be so positive and a person who shines by herself? How can we do the same? Well, it’s itñs easy, it’s about doing certain daily tasks that won’t take much of your time, but if you’re consistent, they will transform you. The first thing to do is write down the things you’re grateful for, the three most important things to do that day, the three things you’ve learned from the day, and in the journal, I also offer weekly affirmations, daily mantras, a challenge (can’t miss the challenges), and, finally, curious facts (about my tastes like, ballet, beer and things like that, hahaha, this section is just for you to start laughing).

It’s 365 days (well, I’ve added one more day for leap years) that you can start whenever the **** you want (you know). Besides this, I recommend that you add at least 15 minutes of yoga, 10 minutes of meditation, and another 10 minutes of visualization (in addition to your exercise routine). Yes, yes… it seems like a lot of crap for one day, but I assure you it’s worth it. At first, it’s like: WTF, do I have to get up earlier to do all this shit? But as you start, you get hooked, and if you miss a day, you feel like you are missing something from your life.

Isn’t it super cool? Well, I suggest you buy one for yourself and another for the person or people you think would benefit from it. Christmas is just around the corner. You can see all the information and buy it at the link I put at the beginning, or if you’re too lazy to gscroll up to see it, I leave it again HERE.

If you live in Alicante or Madrid can send me a private message, and I can give it to you personally (with a discount and no shipping cost).