I more than you in everything.

You can’t escape from my weekly posts, ladies and gentlemen. I know I’ve been a bit persistent with the topic of my new book, “This Virus is a Ruin,” in recent weeks, but I’m just so excited about what I’ve achieved and proud of the final result that I wanted to share it with the world. So, I apologize for the repetitiveness and insistence. Don’t worry; I’ll leave you in peace for a few weeks, haha.

But today, I’m not here to talk about my book. Today, I want to discuss a funny….well I’m not sure if it’s funny, it’s more like curious topic. Let’s get into it.

I’ve wanted to write this post for some time now, but I got distracted by the hassle of promoting the book.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post:

Congratulations you have failed

And many people wrote me or called me to tell me about their failures, their f**k-ups, their mess-ups. The funniest thing about all this (well, misfortunes are not really funny) is that each person, almost unconsciously, competed to promote their disasters. If I said, for example, “I got fired,” someone would say, “Well, not only did I get fired, but I also had to pay the company to leave.” Or if I said I had a leg pain, another would say, “Well, they’re going to amputate my leg.” Hahaha. I don’t know if you’re catching what I mean. And here comes the best part: they weren’t exaggerating or promoting, these are really the stories of their lives. That’s when I realized that each person has their hidden mess, their daily struggles that they have to deal with. In the end, if we start comparing, there’s no such thing as worse or better mess; they’re shared messes that everyone has to face.

I’m glad I took my time to write this post because I’ve realized that we not only compete to highlight the bad things but also the good things. I’ll give you examples: I say, “My children have good jobs,” and someone says, “Well, mine have excellent jobs and earn millions of euros.” Or I say, “I’ve published my first book,” and they say, “That’s nothing; I’ve already published 10 bestsellers,” hahaha. As you can see, in both good and bad, we all want to win, to stand out. This makes me think that if we have so much good, there must be some bad too.

And that’s all I needed to tell you today. Oh, and have you seen my new book? Hahaha, JK.. hahaha. Until next time, ladies and gentlemen, keep accumulating good and bad experiences; I’m here to listen.