Your passion will always be your inpiration in life

Not everyone is born with a passion. Many people discover it in their childhood, adolescence, or even at a mature age. It doesn’t matter when you find it; what’s important is knowing what to do with that passion. Having it is one thing, but utilizing it is another. From my experience, I’ve observed that many people have a passion for something, but often can’t pursue their dreams because they don’t believe in their abilities, feel overwhelmed by other priorities, face obstacles in their environment, or, even more common, are paralyzed by fear.

There’s no magic formula to fulfill your dream. I believe the first thing you must be clear about is that life is short, and we’re all here to fulfill a mission, and passion is one of the most important missions, from my perspective. It’s easy to stray, let the opinions of family and friends who don’t understand your “crazy” dreams influence you. However, there comes a moment in everyone’s life when we reach a crossroads and must choose. We must follow our intuition and pursue our passion.

In this world, everything is possible, and the limits, for the most part, are self-imposed. This is where reflection and perseverance come into play. We must believe in ourselves and stay on the right path. I’m not saying you should abandon your responsibilities, but I am saying that if you want something, you’ll have to make an effort.

A passion disguises itself as a ‘hobby’; at first, it’s one of those activities you immerse yourself in, and hours seem to fly by, but at the same time, time stands still. You feel relaxed and just want to keep doing what makes you feel alive. That’s exactly what happened to me with my writing.

‘I want to encourage you to pursue your dream, discover your passion, find the strength, time, and dedication to achieve what you desire and become the best version of yourself.’ ‘This Virus is a Ruin’ is an interactive book that recounts the experience of a truly peculiar family during the pandemic lockdown. This family consists of a divorced woman in the midst of menopause, a grandmother with Alzheimer’s, two teenagers, and a little dog. The story is told in a funny and unfiltered manner. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a QR code that leads to multimedia content. The book is available in Spanish, English, and Spanglish. You can read more by clicking here.

Since I can remember, I’ve documented the journey of my life in my faithful diary. It’s a passion that has accompanied me over the years, a journey that has taken me from the age of 10 to where I am now at 55. That’s a lifetime of memories and reflections!

Writing, for me, has always been a lifeline, an escape from life’s challenges. I’m the type of person who finds the positive side in every storm cloud, turning negative aspects into positives. Deep down, I’m a storyteller, and when I put words to paper, there are no filters, no second guesses, just raw and unadulterated truth. I write things as they are, without shame or fear of judgment.

Although I don’t consider myself a professional writer, I’ve honed a unique style over the years. It’s a style that’s imperfect but vibrant and humorous, captivating readers on every page. It reflects the genuine, unfiltered, and cheerful essence of my life.

My journey has taken me from my birthplace in Madrid, Spain, to the United States, where I’ve spent over 25 years navigating new beginnings. Moving from place to place, I’ve often had to start from scratch, forging new paths and embracing change.

And it’s precisely where I find myself now, at a new beginning, as I’ve had to reinvent myself once again. Having a full-time job outside the home has become impossible because I am the primary caregiver for my mother, who has Alzheimer’s. Therefore, my passion had to transform into my duty.

When you have no other choice, that’s when forces you never believed you possessed emerge and set you into action. In my case, I want to tell you that I armed myself with determination and told myself, ‘No matter what others say, your intuition is always right.’ With these words, I started again from scratch and discovered that what I had been doing for so many years as a kind of therapy should be what propels this new stage of my life.

Without looking back, I started writing, writing without thinking, without doubting, and began to believe in myself, accept my limitations, recognize my courage, and immerse myself in my own world, my passion.

This journey led me to publish my first book, ‘This Virus is a Ruin,’ which narrates my experiences with my mother and children during the pandemic isolation. I am very proud of myself, not only for the effort involved in writing and publishing a book but also for not allowing anyone to stop me and for trusting in my own talent.

I want to encourage you to pursue your dream, discover your passion, find the strength, time, and dedication to achieve what you desire and become the best version of yourself.

Remember that this life is a journey, and passion is the spark that can light your path. Don’t be stopped by fear or the influence of others; follow your heart and chase your dreams.

*I want to thank Visionarias where this article was originally published!