Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 90 Wednesday, June 10, 2020

It’s almost halfway through June now, and I feel like I haven’t done anything I set out to do at the beginning of the year. Although, who would have thought what was going to happen… I feel that the world is returning to its beginnings and, with it, the forgetting of everything learned. The pandemic, which for me is a full-fledged alarm for human beings to wake up, has awakened everything that shouldn’t have: anger, selfishness, envy, racism… The good guys try to save the bad guys, but the bad guys are still there. They are deep asleep, almost in a coma, and only a miracle will wake them up… Another day that I start with f**** reflections instead of finishing…

Forgive me, it’s just… I’m very deep and confused lately. There are so many things that I don’t understand, starting with the f***ing phases and what can be done, what can’t be done, whether to do it or not to do it, if it is okay to do it or not to do it, what they will say if I do it or I don’t do it… Why do it? Have you done it? In the end, I don’t even know what was done… Hahahaha, am I driving you crazy? Well welcome to the f**** club, my friends, this is Pandemic World…

Speaking of crazy, let’s see now, my mother is not crazy, she just has Alzheimer’s, although we are thinking that it is a type of senile dementia in her own way. She remembers what she wants to, if it is important to her, she remembers it; If not, then nothing, forget it… I like that.

Well, we keep her very entertained all day doing housework, we play memory games, she takes her walks around the complex, she helps me make meals and the rest of the time, she really likes watching TV…

Today, just when I finished my interview, I left my interviewcave (hey, until now I hadn’t given my space a name, the f***ing 90th day of the f***ing quarantine and now I come up with a name) and I see my mother all comfortable. The poor thing sits still while my son does his exercise in the living room. He moves her with the sofa to have more space and she holds on tight and stays as she is, and endures the smell of sweat that is terrible… Anyway, I see her so happy, and I thought, I’m going to record this, I couldn´t quite catch the moving of the sofa but I asked her What are you watching on TV?” and replies “I don´t know” and I say Then why are you watching it?” And she answers, “Because they are handsome”.

And today I loved the interview with the great Juan Carlos Gordillo, such a sweet and a very talented designer. Wish him all the best.

Daily reflection: Nothing, today I think I have already said everything and I have not said anything… hehehe, here we go again hahaha… Today Juan Carlos, the designer, sent me a beautiful message thanking me for everything I was doing for him. I don’t think I’m doing anything, I’m simply interviewing people who inspire me and who I think deserve a space to make themselves known and tell their stories. I am the one who has to be grateful to all of them for opening their worlds to me and giving me 30 minutes of their lives… Good people exist, they are there and they appear in your life when you need them most; the bad ones are always there, waiting for you to fall into their traps.


“Let yourself be carried away by the good, by love, your passion and your intuition.”