Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 89 Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I still don’t watch the news because it stresses me out a little, and although I like to know what’s going on in the world, sometimes it’s better to be ignorant. I read more than I see (I have always really liked reading). What I am reading about the distance rules for some things and not for others seems a little absurd to me. We already know that for me everything is either black or white, I have said it on several occasions. Let’s see, at school, gyms, dance classes, theaters and all types of leisure places, we need to keep our distance, but it seems that for demonstrations it doesn’t matter, we can all just gather really close together in those occasions. Can someone explain it to me? Maybe if I go to ballet class with a protest banner they’ll let me in without a mask?

Okay, well, it seems that today I started the day with reflections instead of ending with them, but that’s what it is in Nuria’s world; everything is as it should not be, that’s my world, whether you like it or not. Today things happened to me that made me think and reflect. I keep repeating that in this world things are black or white, there is no “in between.” Well, at least I’m talking about people; there are either good and bad people, there are no a little bit good or a little bad persons; people are either good or bad. There is no other choice. I don’t want to go into details because it’s not worth it, and there are several cases, but I just want to highlight that there are very good people in the world, honest, kind and respectful. I’ll stay with those and f**k the rest.

Today we continue with the “Friends with Talent” program, Art edition, with Ada Quintana, Miss World Alicante 2020, so young and with so much experience.

hi handsomeI forgot to tell you that today I went out there without a mask. Let’s see, I didn’t do it on purpose, but I’ve gotten used to going out with just my cell phone now. I carry my ID card in the back and I don’t really need anything else, I’ve realized. I used to carry so much in my purse: makeup, tissues, eye drops, a fan, and a bunch of other unnecessary things. Well, today I happily went to pick up my daughter from her friend’s house, I got to the car and I said to myself, “Ummm, I think you are missing something, yes, the mask, but what about the rest?”  Of course, the car keys. Oh yes, I might need those? Hahahaha (not the first time I’ve done this during this pandemic).

Daily reflection: Ugh, I have already reflected enough today, I don’t want to continue reflecting. Today I leave you free to reflect on why I am not reflecting and why you should reflect. Okay, yes, one more thing… When you free yourself from toxic thoughts, things or people, it’s like losing 10 kilos, you feel lighter and it’s better for your health (well, if you’re chubby like me and you lose 10 kilos, then no problem, but you know what I mean).


“Away with all that is left over, cleanse your soul.”