Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 88 Monday, June 8, 2020

Welcome to Phase 2, the continuation… this seems like a saga. I’m still waiting for the aliens, to see if they come down and put order once and for all, because the world is ready to burst without leadership out of this world. I am very prepared for their visit. It would be the perfect touch for 2020; I see it, don’t you?

get it togetherThis week I have started with lots of intense energy, I don’t mean that I want to hurt someone, but there are certain things that make me a little desperate, and I patiently wait for them to be resolved or left alone, so I can speak clearly and seek solutions. Although I know that sometimes it is better to let things flow, when what flows is truly crazy, I prefer not to get too involved. Okay, I’ll leave it at that, yes, yes, Nuria, Let it Go… Let it go… (Yes, yes, I sing the little song in my head)…

And nothing, in my house, everything remains the same in the world of Nuricoco. Each one with his own drama, my daughter in her “coronacave.” Today she didn´t get out much and she said, “I don’t feel well, don’t come near me, I don’t want to give you anything.” She says this every two days and then she’s as if nothing happened. Adolescence, I suppose, it is a mix of hormones and, simply, herself. Little Gremlin in action. My son, for his part, jumping rope on the marble floor while the dog watches him (or not), and my mother watching television as if it were not there.

Nothing typical normal family. Today the topic of conversation at lunch was “trios”. Yes, yes, you read correctly. I have always told my children that they can ask me and talk about whatever they want without shame or fear. And they do it! My mother really enjoys our conversations at lunch, she also participates. Today was very interesting for everyone.

Well, this week the new interviews of “Friends with Talent”, Artists edition, began, with a list of talented friends in the arts: dance, modeling, fashion design, singing, music, etc. Today we start with Ramón, a very special dancer.

Anyway, today I’ve been a little weird, one of those days when I feel a little strange, strange, hahaha. I know, I’m always weird. Although today, speaking with my ballet friend, whom I have decided to call “revealing balletfriend”, gave me a lot of encouragement to get back on track. So this week I’ll make some changes to my schedule and I’ll let you know…

Daily reflection: When I feel sad and I don’t know why, I look around me and always find the solution. One is not sad about anything, there is always something, even if it is very, very deep. Over time, I have learned to scratch and dig to discover what is hidden, and I do it faster and faster. So my sadness lights up and makes me reflect (you see, I spend the day reflecting) and from each reflection a new thought and a new learning are born.


“I appreciate the sadness; I smile at it and let it out to make way for my freedom.”