Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 8 Friday, March 20, 2020

It’s Friday! We have a long weekend of holiday ahead of us… Great, a long weekend, hahaha, to continue trapped indoors, great. Although it seems that it is not a holiday for everyone, my son suddenly comes and tells me (at 11:30 in the morning): “I missed the online philosophy class”… and I say, “WHAT? WHAT? EVEN WHEN YOU ARE HOME, YOU MISS CLASS! ARE YOU F****G KIDDING ME, DUDE!”

Anyway… The kids keep asking me every day, “Can we go out now? Can we go out now? Have they found a vaccine? Can we go out now? Is there food?” And I keep answering: “Have you done your homework? Have you cleaned your bedroom? Have you read a book?”

My son spends the day exercising all over the house, as if he was in one of those glamorous gyms where there are rooms for everything. We have the stretching room, the weight room, the aerobics room… Again, are you f****g kidding me dude?

My daughter still hasn’t left her “coronacave.” Today I went in to see if she was still there and I had time to sneak a photo of her. I take photos of both them when they don’t realize it (if they do, they kill me). Again, the day they realize I have this blog, I’m going to need an anti-angry teenager vaccine.

On the other hand, my mother still expects applause at every hour. For her, it is the most exciting moment of the day. I try to explain to her that it is only at 8 pm, but after 10 minutes, she “resets” and goes blank and is asking me again why we are not clapping. She reminds me a lot of “10 second Tom” from the movie “50 first Dates”.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that the other day I had to buy a new coffee maker. I wanted one of those old ones so as not to use the capsule coffee maker because the capsules are expensive and I think they contain pure poison. I found a pretty one at a very good price on Amazon so I bought it before the price went up.

The next day, someone knocks on my door (not the doorbell downstairs, my door). I was surprised and thought, who could it be? Could it be the virus knocking on my door? I got a little scared. I looked through the peephole and saw no one. I waited a little and opened the door slowly. I found an Amazon box at my feet and watched as a little arm reached out from the elevator, waving at me. It was surreal. But hey, I know that even if the world ends, Amazon will continue delivering. This reminds me of the Black Mirror episode where drones made deliveries (and made me think, couldn’t a drone bring my groceries home?). Everything has its reason for being.

And as always, I have the anecdote of the day. I must say that this anecdote is from the same friend who was talking about cleaning yesterday. This time she says, “Ummm, I just found a very strange mole in my neck. I don’t know if it was there before, but now that I have all the time in the world, I´m seeing a lot of shit I hadn´t noticed before.”(I forgot to mention this neighborfriend is a little hypochondriac, hahahahaha).

Reflection for the day: Now that we have more time to investigate our bodies and shop, will we be able to catch up on our lives or will we continue waiting for that package that will not arrive?


“Will we remember yesterday or will we only look to the future?”