Today is Father’s Day here in Spain, Saint Joseph.

I still think we are living in a sort of Big Brother kind of thing, a joke from the universe, a parallel world or a global punishment. I still don’t know for sure, but it is giving us great lessons, although many still do not see them. I spend the day between feelings overwhelm, hysteria, joy, sadness, terror, anxiety and excitement, and these are constantly exchanging. I don’t know what you think, but this lockdown either makes us stronger or hell, it has to make us stronger.

Today I started the day calmly. I heard a little bird… but he was shouting something like “Eahhhh, Eahhhhh.” I don’t know how to express that sound in words so f*** off. It was like a song of overwhelm. I also heard the dogs barking. Those did seem to say… “No more, no more please; we don’t want to go out anymore!”

Today, in the midst of this, I asked the members of the house for help with the daily chores. The answers were “No thanks”, “What for? It doesn’t matter, who’s going to come home to see us?”, “Leave me alone, you are annoying”, “You can clean up, that’s why you’re a mother, you shouldn´t of had children.” I take a deep breath and go to vent with my friends. I tell them my situation and they tell me that they are in the same boat. Many of them had help at home to clean, so now they find themselves having to do everything themselves. One of them right before hanging up our call says, “Gals, I’m going to take out all the cleaning products and read what each one is for.”

At this point, after a week locked up, I have learned that there are supportive people, bad people (creating hoaxes and fake news, or taking advantage of fragile people), creative people and people who still don’t realize that they have to stay in their f****g houses. Memes are often repeated, people applaud with less enthusiasm and infected cases continue to increase.

I´m becoming addicted to beer, wine and chocolate. When they allow us to go out again, I won’t be able to fit through the door… I haven’t done any exercise for two days (well, aside from cleaning shit all day long). Tomorrow I´m supposed to meet the neighborfriends to exercise (virtually, don’t freak out), let´s see if they show up.

Daily reflection: Another day gone, one day closer to discovering a cure (at this rate, I even consider doing my own research see if we can move this shit along) or to losing my mind and ending up completely crazy.


“Cleanse your Soul.”