Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 9 Saturday, March 21, 2020

Now I understand my mother when she asks me on a daily basis “What day is it?” Weekends don’t have the same meaning anymore nothing really makes sense nowadays. I don’t know if I hear little birds anymore (although they say that the poor things are starving, since there is no left other food and shit on the ground for them to eat).

Our weekend of seclusion begins. There are no get togethers (well, physical ones, because there are many virtual get togethers with my neighborfriends), there are no longer walks on the beach, there is no need to take my son to soccer early in the morning (eh… I haven’t missed that much, hahaha, the poor thing).

Well, I’ll tell you that today I received the food order that I bought online 1 week ago. They called me at 9 in the morning (I love being woken up early, yes, 9 is early for me, shut up…) and they told me that around 10am they would come to bring me my order. I must admit that although I am a sleepyhead, now being able to wake up early and listen to the silence of the morning without hearing the “Can we go out now? I’m hungry. This is f***ing shit…” is wonderful.

Anyway, I enjoy having my morning coffee looking out the window gossiping the neighborhood (yes, I´m like that old lady that hides behind the curtain). This morning, during my morning gossip, I saw how teenagers now meet to see each other and not get a fine. First, I see a young boy with a shopping cart surreptitiously looking at his cell phone, just standing there, and in the distance, I see another young girl with another shopping cart. And voilà, they meet and leave together in their pretend “we are going shopping” hahaha.

Well, returning to the thread… suddenly I saw a furniture truck and I thought, who the hell is moving or buying furniture in the middle of this f***ing pandemic? And I was surprised when I saw two men bringing out what in a few minutes I realized was my food order. It seems that supermarkets can’t keep up and are outsourcing.

Decontamination remains an interesting task in our house. I don’t know what to decontaminate anymore. I try to keep everything clean, the shopping bags that come in, the dog that comes in, the son… I’m totally paranoid. I try not to touch my face, although now it seems like you want to touch your eyes more, pick your nose and grab a couple of buggers, I don’t know (or is it just me). Writing this right now, my nose is itchy. Don’t touch yourself, Nuria, don’t do it, be strong, you can do it.

Coming to this lockdown date, my son says, “Oh, f***ing shit, I’ve already seen everything good on Netflix!” I must say that I (for now) have not fallen into the Netflix trap and I have been busy with projects that I had put aside (like this blog). I have taken advantage of the time to take some courses and workshops, in addition to helping people with technological issues.

Daily reflection: I don’t know about you, but today for the first time I notice how the world that was previously spinning like crazy has suddenly stopped, has stopped its march with force and I am seeing those affected now paralyzed forever.

“From the inside, I no longer want to look outside.”