Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 10 Sunday, March 22, 2020

Today I woke up to rain, and the truth is that I love rainy days when you can stay home. I don’t know about you, but now I don’t feel so guilty about doing nothing. Let’s see, it’s not that I’m not doing anything at all… I’m busy with many things, but it’s true that on some past weekends I wished I had nothing to do, just to sleep all morning and stay in my pajamas all day. It’s just like what they say, “Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true.”

Sunday starts full of activities, and when I catch up with the news and see that we have 15 more days of lockdown, I think: “Thank goodness!”, because I was getting overwhelmed with all the shit that I still needed to do and was piling up. I still have virtual museum visits pending, the online courses I have signed up for, and organizing my storage. There is no time for everything! The only worrying thing about all this for me was when I read that some alcoholic beverage factories have stopped their production in order to help and produce disinfectant products with alcohol. What if beer runs out? Don´t Panic Nuria!!! Tomorrow I will take a risk and buy beer like it’s toilet paper.

Since it’s Sunday, family day (Every damn day is now a family day!), we have decided to do activities together. We thought we’d cut each other’s hair and recreate some Celeste Barber style photos (I love this woman). So let’s get to it…

The first challenge: recreation of a photo. Before you judge, let me tell you that I had to ask my kids for help to do this. My son holding the blanket was saying, “F***, mom, I don’t want to see your tits!” My daughter took the photo and said, “You are an embarrassment of a mother, for God’s sake, you’re crazy.” Then said, “You have one chance, so hurry up.” In the end, she took two photos of me and said, “That’s it, I hate this family,” and she went back into her coronacave. My mother just kept repeating: “You look beautiful”, hahahahaha (mother’s love). With time and with someone else’s help I will try to recreate it better, I promise.

Special thanks to a wonderful graphic designer who helped me retouch the photo (well, hide part of the boob that was sticking out everywhere… Thank you, darling, you know who you are).

We decided to do the haircut thing tomorrow, since the kids said that today had traumatized them enough for one day and that it is unbearable to be locked up with me. So we will see tomorrow.

The rest of the day, I must admit that I could not resist anymore and I got hooked on a Netflix series (yes, yes, after talking so much about my discipline… everything to hell). But hey, I recommend that you see it. It’s called “Don’t Talk to Strangers.” My mother also got hooked with me, the problem is that I have to pause every 5 seconds re explain everything to her since she doesn´t remember who is who or what is what.


Daily reflection: We are experiencing a situation like no other. We have more information than we need, everyone giving their point of view, people inventing things, people taking advantage of the situation, people who are very nervous and very afraid, and people who have not yet realized the seriousness of the situation. This will no doubt get worse and I think more than ever we need to stay positive and take advantage of this time. If we can’t go outside, then let’s go inside, inside ourselves, to get to know ourselves better. I know, maybe that might be scarier. That´s it for now… until tomorrow.


“Fear disguises itself as ego.”