Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 71 Friday, May 22, 2020

I’m back, I had a bit of a difficult start to the week due to Phase 1, but as always, my friends help me get out of the darkness by offering clarity in every way. Well, my poor refrigerator has come to an end… Little by little, it started to heat up, and the technician confirmed my suspicions… It lasted 16 years, so I can’t complain. I was going to say that since everything is breaking, it has to do with bad luck or planned obsolescence, but in this case, I think it is simply the law of household appliances.

chilling in a coolerI spent the whole day looking for a refrigerator with the right measurements, the necessary functions, efficient, beautiful and affordable… I realized that it is one thing or the other. From 500 euros up there is no turning back. Nuria, take a deep breath, you can do it. It’s okay, that’s what I told myself, and my son says: Well, buying a new cell phone is going to be a no-go” and he says: “Well, I’d rather eat.” Anyway…

Changing the subject, the refrigerator thing already bores me a little. I have to tell you that YouTube kept insisting that I make a presentation video for my channel, and I… well, okay, of course, if YouTube says so, it has to be for a reason. So the other night I started recording a video. The first one turned out great, but I don’t know why when I downloaded it it looked blurry, so I recorded another one and I thought, however this one turns out, I won’t record any more, I don’t care, in the end my channel is about me being a disaster … ha ha ha…

Well, after filming, I thought it would be cool if photos of me in my costumes appeared around me. I called my friend Rosa, yes, the singer. I said, “Can you help me?” and she said, “Sure.” I explained my idea, and she said, “Can you send me an example video or a drawing?” After laughing aloud for a while about the drawing, I told her: “Let’s see, you know I don’t know how to draw, what do you want me to do as well sing and cook at the same time? Don’t f*** with me!!!  

I tried to search for videos similar to my idea, but I didn’t find any, so I had no choice but to draw my idea. Here is what I sent to Rosa

And here is what she gave me… Rosa is the best. Thank you, sweetheart. We have decided that we are a good team. We are already thinking about names for our new creative agency. Hahahahaha…

And that brings us to the happiest time of the day… my interviews. Today it was my friend Jose Onrubia’s turn, I had a great time, although we did have some interruptions and cuts… but that is just part of the live feel..

And guess what? Come on, guess…My headphones died. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that things are breaking on me: my car battery, the refrigerator, my headphones… Thank goodness, they say there’s no two without three, and there’s already been3, so I think  I´m safe for now!

I was lucky enough to find a super professional microphone thanks to my friend Mar. She bought it, but needs something different, so now it’s mine. I haven’t tried it yet because I have to do tests and I don’t want to ruin any more interviews. But little by little, I’m improving my equipment… Now let’s see if I can create a set that’s a little more professional, invest in a good camera, lights… Anyway, this creative world is engaging.


Daily reflection: Things break, people break, souls breaks… But we all know very well that the power of the glue of love, friends and hope can fix everything leaving it better than it was.


“By being broken I can enjoy all my pieces for their individuality.”