Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 67 Monday, May 18, 2020

Well nothing, Phase 1 has started today and I don’t know if I want to continue in this phase… We started badly, this phase and I… First, I woke up very sleepy, I worked remotely, thank goodness, everything went well. Then, I was going to take the little Gremlin to the hairdresser to get her Rapunzel haircut, and there we both went with our matching masks, jeans and sweatshirts (we looked like sisters, hahahahaha, now, now… don’t say it).

Bitmoji ImageAnyway, when I go to start the car, it was a no, no. I have not really used the car for months so the poor guy (he’s old like me) just couldn´t get started, he really tried but nothing. We decided to go walking to the hairdresser. At least I’m moving my ass, I know, I know don´t say it… On the way back we decided to stop at the market to get some groceries. We started putting things in the basket unconsciously, without thinking that we had to walk back with the bags. I didn’t take photos or videos of our little walk back because between the sweating and the frustration I couldn´t deal. In the middle of the street we started to take our sweatshirts off because of the heat… our masks fell to the ground and we no longer knew which one belonged to whom, we started fighting like we always do, hahahaha, it was a spectacle: sweaty, thirsty and hungry.

We finally got home and the groceries that I had purchased online had arrived, and my son left them, as they were, all the bags on the floor. I started yelling at him, the little Gremlin started screaming and cleaning everything like a crazy person, my poor mother looked at the three of us as if we were crazy. My daughter screaming, “YAYA, DON’T GO NEAR THE BAGS, THEY’RE CONTAMINATED!” My son: “I’m hungry, did you buy yummy things?” And I was thinking, “Nuria, stay calm, breathe,” when all of a sudden I heard cataplufff (I know, I know don´t give me a hard time I don´t how to describe sounds, dam it). It turns out that the orchid, which was apparently in a glass vase (WTF!), had fallen due to the wind and everything went caplut (sounds better?).

So there I go picking up the glass pieces, and while I was doing so, I thought, “Nuria, be careful, don’t cut yourself”…I don´t think 5 seconds passed and of course I cut my finger which bled for hours!!

And so my Phase 1 began… But the best of the day are the interviews, and today we start with the Healthy edition of “Friends with Talent” with my neighborfriend Cristina from Verum Natura.

My yogurt and oatmeal mask was a success (well, no, Cristina didn’t think it was a good idea, although it was organic, hahaha). Between the fact that halfway through the interview my face was itching and some oat flakes had gotten into my eyes, and Cristina had no idea how to do the interview from her store while open to the public with people coming in, hahahaha, I had a great time but was a little stressful hehehe.

But the best part of the day and to make peace with Phase 1, my neighborfriend and I went for our nightly walk. Only today there were not so many athletes, it seems that all those, who I would like to call “Coronathletes”, changed their sport from running or cycling to “Drinky Drinky Beers”. The terraces of the walkway were full with people everywhere. Anyway, after our athletic walk, which was shorter than normal (thank goodness), we decided to go to our favorite Mexican and celebrate Phase 1 with 2, well, 4 Coronitas… “Coronaphase”.

My very prudent neighborfriend made me keep the mask on at all times and disinfect my hands and everything around me a thousand times (Remember the cut I told you I got on my finger picking up the glass, well the damn disinfectant stung like shit) and I thought whyyyy??? I said to my friend “Wouldn’t it be better if we ordered some tequilas? Surely they have more alcohol than your disinfectant, and we would at least have a better time”, hahahaha. And after all the disinfection, when we finally toasted and started drinking, I was all satisfied and happy, but I looked at her face and she had this like scared looked and I said to her, “What’s wrong, is the Coronita bad?” And she said, “Nooooo, I just forgot to disinfect the beer nozzle.”

Daily reflection: If you can laugh at yourself, if you can live every moment as it is, without thinking, if you can smile in the face of misfortunes, if you accept everything that surrounds you with love, there will come a time when everything will be just as it should be, neither good nor bad, simply what it is.


“I accept what there is with a huge smile.”