Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 66 Sunday, May 17, 2020

Yesterday I told you that I already have the month of May full of interviews with my program “Friends with Talent.” This week will be the healthy edition.

Next week you will see the Marketing and Communication edition with some luxury guests.

On the other hand, I must tell you that today the week of interviews for “Friends with Talent” in the PEIG edition ended with Alicia Lara, who gave us very good advice to face our professional careers.

Yes, yes, I know you liked my costume too. Say it, say it aloud. I am the best of the best: professional, pretty, fun… I remind you that if you don’t tell me anything I have to cheer myself up… hahahahaha…

Tomorrow we enter Phase 1, I’m a little nervous because I don’t have anything prepared and the rules are not clear to me. Well, I have two references: a website about de-escalation and a video about de-escalation… let’s see if you can figure it out.

We have booked an appointment with the dog groomer, since our poor dog, although the little Gremlin, has been grooming her a little and “cutting” her hair, is a little dirty. So little Gremlin decided to groom her one more time so that when the groomer sees her, she won’t yell at us… Umm… and it didn’t go as planned… I ask her, “Where is the dog?”  And she says “Mom, it’s better not to ask.”

Daily reflection: Today´s reflection is a text that I really liked by Rafael Más and it says the following:

 “If you take a toad, put it in a pot of water and put it on the stove, you will observe something interesting: the toad adapts to the temperature of the water, stays inside and continues to adapt to the increase in temperature. But when the water reaches the boiling point, the toad that would like to jump out of the pot cannot, because it is too weak and tired due to the efforts it has made to adapt to the temperature.

 Some would say that what killed the toad was the boiling water…in reality, what killed the toad was its inability to decide WHEN to jump. So stop ‘adapting’ to wrong situations, abusive relationships, parasitic friends and many other things that ‘turn you on’. If you continue to adapt, you run the risk of ‘dying’ inside.”


“Jump as soon as you can!”