Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 68 Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Day 2 of Phase 1, I want to tell you that I woke up with several uncertainties. I wondered if my body was aching from days of long walks with my neighborfriend, if perimenopause symptoms were setting in, or if maybe I had the virus. Although I’m not sure what the cause is, this morning I felt exhausted. However, I made an effort and took my dog to her grooming appointment on foot (I don’t have a car, the battery ran out, I have to call the tow truck) and then I went grocery shopping again (sometimes I forget things or the Gremlins eat everything at a fast pace). It was similar to yesterday; I got overconfident and couldn’t handle all the bags… I ended up exhausted, but I’m still here.

thanksToday I want to thank those who are always there, who read this blog, leave comments, watch my live streams and ask me questions or offer words of support. You don’t know how much it means to me. So here goes my huge THANK YOU to:

My father ( my number one fan), my boyfriend, my neighborfriends, Bea, my source of ideas for my outfits, Rosa, my favorite singer, Zineb, the best commentator of my live shows and all those who have never missed a single one of my chronicles: Corina, María, Mercedes, Juan Carlos, María Eugenia (from the United States), Liana, Maite (ballet), Maite (Madrid), Patricia (from the United States), my sisters-in-law and fans from Madrid, MariMar and Alicia. I also thank the others, who I know follow me, although they have not spoken yet. THANK YOU!

Fortunately, there are times in the day that I look forward to, like interviews. I love talking with my friends. Today I spoke with Lou Mateos about healthy nutrition. I opted for an outfit that was not very costumy, but with accessories, keeping my focus on ecology and sustainability. I used the same oatmeal as yesterday (I clarify, not the same one that was on my face… hahaha).

The little Gremlin finally came out of her coronacave and brought a friend home. For those who only know me since the isolation began, I must tell you that my house is always like an NGO, with at least three teenagers always refuged here. Today they spent the day looking through my old photo albums and they told me,We have chosen our favorite photos from when you were young and we have made a video for you to watch and cry because of how young and beautiful you were.” hahaha! Then they added, “You’re still very pretty. So here are the photos (not all of them are my favorites, but they liked these). hahaha, they even included my intro, I’m having so much fun!

Daily reflection: Hold your impulses, think before responding and question why you feel what you feel. Many times, when we see something in another person that we don’t like, it is simply a reflection of what we see in ourselves. This is a difficult spiritual lesson to accept, but necessary. Today I wrote a post a little different from this one and decided to change it, and I’m happy with my choice.


“Look in the mirror every day. Do you like what you see?”