Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 64 Friday, May 15, 2020

Last Friday marked the end of Phase 0 (at least we hope so)… We are all prepared in one way or another for the next phase. The other day I shared my list of things I need to do to be prepared (as I said, I don’t think I will be able to cross any off the list). But hey, hope is the last thing you lose, right? I have mixed feelings about this de-escalation. On the one hand, I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and enjoying a beer on a terrace, but on the other hand, just thinking that now I not only have to choose my outfit every morning, but also coordinate the f****g face mask, ufff.

Speaking of outfits and fashion, I have to start taking out my summer clothes. But as the saying goes: ”Hasta el 40 de mayo, no te quites el sayo” (A Spanish saying that literally translates to “Until May 40, don’t take off your tunic” it pretty much means don´t be too quick to start taking out you summer gear until way past May jajaja). I plan to wear the tunic all summer to avoid worrying about food or exercise. The weather is a little crazy, a few days ago, it was hot and I was walking around half-naked, but now it’s cool again. Since I had changed my house slippers for my flip-flops, my little feet were very cold last night. Should I take out my slippers again or put on some warm socks? I opted for what you see…

And well, like every day, my interviews. Today I had the pleasure of talking with the lovely Carolina Romero about psychology and the things that go through my head. I hope you like it; my costume, as always, deserves a 10.

By the way, today I fulfilled my commitment to go for a walk (almost dragged by my neighborfriend). It’s hard for me… But once I’m out, I feel happy. We walked for 2 hours, and I think she wanted to kill me (I don’t trust her much, lol). It was a cool night and there were puddles everywhere. Oh, before I continue… These past 60 days when I have gone out to walk the dog. I would put on whatever since there was hardly anyone of the street, usually the little Gremlins leggings (that I would stretch out and then get scolded by her later)  and one of my son’s sweatshirt (size XXL), so I pretty much look like a mess on the bottom tight as shit and on the top baggy as f****k. Now that we can go a little further, I forget that there are actually a lot more people outdoors but I´m still dressed like a complete disaster.

Suddenly, in the middle of our walk, I say to my neighborfriend,

“Seriously, do you see me? How could you let me go out looking like this knowing that we are going to trespass the perimeter of our house? You’re a very bad neighborfriend, seriously, very bad.” Anyway… what I was going to tell you I often get sidetracked. I think I have the mind of a 5 year old girl (yes, yes, you don’t need to say it, in every way, hahaha). Seeing the puddles, I said to my neighborfriend, “Don’t you want to jump in the puddles?” And she said “NO… if I do that, I will get wet then, I’ll catch a cold”. My neighborfriend is very cautious (the same one who was hiding the other day when she saw a police car). Now that I think about it… maybe she wants to kill me and is a serial walkkiller who hides from the police… hmm , everything makes sense now. Anyway, I told her: Well, I’m going to jump, record me!”

Daily reflection: Today my day began with some frustrations, as sometimes happens, and an action by someone (which did not surprise me) made me reflect on integrity. I am grateful that, despite my flaws and being a life learner, I can safely say that my integrity is worth a lot and I would not do anything to compromise it. I also value people who are sincere, transparent and say what they feel, even if it hurts. I accept the other type, but I prefer that they stay away from me.


“Surely, karma is the best medicine.”