Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 62 Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Boys and girls, I keep rolling and rolling… Phase 0 is not going to win! I want to start preparing for the return to society. I’ve thought about making a “to do” list of everything I need to do to be prepared to face people once again face to face.


  1. Lose 10 kilos (ummm, I’m a little late for this if we get to Phase 1 next week).
  2. Get a tan (same here, I’m running out of time, damn).
  3. Buy cool masks (actually, the masks overwhelm me and fog up my glasses, and the designer ones I see with cute fabrics freak me out… So nothing, another thing I won’t have prepared).
  4. Take out the Summer clothes, maybe I’ll get to this if on Sunday if I find any that still fit me (although I doubt it).
  5. Finish organizing the house as I proposed at the beginning of the lock down… Nothing, forget it; this list goes from bad to worse.
  6. Planning all the hangouts I’ve committed to (I don’t know about you, but I’ve told everyone we’d hang out, but I don’t think there’s enough calendar days to organize all those hangouts) and the beers I said I’d invite people to (in the end, I’m going to have to ask the drink bank for help instead of the food bank, don’t f**k me).
  7. Waxing… This is already a lost case. I’ll call Maite from Terciopelos to see what she advises.
  8. Get a facelift, liposuction, etc. (nothing, nothing, I can’t get to this either due to time or money).
  9. Go to the hairdresser (this one I think I can do, I think out of the whole list, maybe I can cross this one off).
  10. Analyze my new financial situation (with this, I think I realize there is no hope)!

I’m so upset with my list. I don’t think I can cross out a single thing, but I’ve gotten it off my chest. Hahaha. If you didn’t see my interview today (which I know you DIDN’T), you missed seeing me in a swimsuit. Once again, I had a great time talking with Daniela Vidort about sustainable fashion… Here is the interview.

Tomorrow I’ll get serious about exercising. Sonia Rosso has offered to do a Zoom class for all my followers (date yet to be determined). If you are interested, send me a message and I’ll put you on the list. The capacity will be limited. And tomorrow I’ll go out for a walk, I promise…

And what else can I tell you? This chronicle, in the end, is becoming what I originally envisioned, which is a diary. I write it for myself; to remember these times we are living. I got a little distracted thinking that someone else was reading this and I started writing for them, but I’m going to go back to writing for myself, for me, with my things. I don’t need anyone else…

Today I do want to mention someone who inspires me every day, a fighter like I have never seen. On the verge of almost leaving us, he has returned with more enthusiasm than before, and shows me every day that attitude is EVERYTHING, that the passion for living, the love that surrounds us and positive thinking will always save us. Jose, I love you and I admire you. Beers together very soon! He does watch my videos!

 Daily reflection: every day I have more and more crazy ideas. Some I tell you about, others I keep to myself. But the ideas are still there, hanging around and hanging around, and I just want to let them flow, build and give myself more to do. Good or bad, I adore them and always pay attention to them.


“In my mind the impossible is born and in my reality I make it true.”