Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 60 Monday, May 11, 2020

I no longer know what day I live on, or what week, or what phase. I hope they don’t give us a test so we can get out of the phase because I would surely fail. With the schedules, the provinces, who can go out and who can’t, when, how, why… I am very all or nothing, white or black… I can’t take it anymore…

It’s been 60 days, 1440 hours, 86,400 minutes… I can’t continue… I can honestly say I have made the most of it. For me there have been 60 chronicles, 20 interviews (20 more are pending), 17 silly videos, millions of WhatsApp messages (I can’t count that), I don’t know how many Zoom meetings, 4 workshops, 2 courses, 5 conferences, 3 Ted talks and the best thing, which I will never be able to count, are the hugs and laughs with the Gremlins…

Changing the subject and talking about Gremlins, little Gremlin left the house for a walk after the scolding she gave me the other day. She hesitated for half an hour while she spoke from the balcony to her boyfriend down in the street. Apparently, her boyfriend came to see her in his bike from Alicante, although she told him not to come because she wasn’t going to go out. But he told her: It doesn’t matter; at least we can talk through the window.” The poor guy spent half an hour like that, until I arrived and said, “What the hell are you doing?” And she told me what was happening, and I said, “And you up here like Rapunzel?” (She has hair just as long), and she said, “Don’t look out!” And I said, “But what are you waiting for, for him to crawl up your hair? I don’t understand…”. In the end, she said, “Do you think anything would happen if I went down and at least said hello to him?” And I said, Well of course, go down for a walk at 2 meters apart”, and that’s what they did.

Oh, love… And I think again, 60 days without seeing my boyfriend. We are used to maintaining a long-distance relationship, but we have never gone so long without seeing each other. I imagine that like me, there are many people in the same situation.

I also imagine in times of war, the poor women whose fiancés and husbands went off to war and they didn’t know when or if they would see them again. We at least have internet and video calls.

Although we have yet to see each other, I know he is always there. The other day I told you a little about how patient he is and how much he has to put up with me. In a couple of months, it will be 5 years together. A relationship I sincerely did not bet on, since the differences between us are many. I don’t think anyone was betting on us, but today my family and friends love him dearly and recognize that we are perfect for each other. That kind of soul mate that you think you would never find, and one day, without thinking, you find it. I always say that I´m like him if I were a man and he is like me if he were a woman. Whatever one of us doesnt´think about doing something, the other will and vice versa hahahaha

All this reminded me the moment I fell in love with him. It was on our second date, we went to dinner and at the end, he said to me, “Shall we take a walk around the Retiro Park?” And I said, “Okay.” It was the middle of July in Madrid, it was very hot, I was dressed as always super sexy with a black miniskirt, a super-hot top and my fabulous mini heels… The walk was super romantic, we were talking and walking, and it seems that we got lost in time. Suddenly, when we were about to leave, we realized that they had closed all the entrances to the park. We went from door to door and nothing.

Suddenly a young guy, a runner, passes by and asked us, Do you know which way is out?” And my boyfriend tells him, “They have closed all the doors” and the runner exclaims: “Don’t f**k with me. And my boyfriend says, “Well, you’re in shape, jump over the fence and that’s it. The runner says, “Shit you are right”, and without thinking about it, he jumps over the fence. Then, my boyfriend looks at me and asks, “Why don´t we do the same thing?” And I answer, “Are you crazy? I´m wearing heels and a miniskirt, half of Madrid would see my chichi” (slang word in Spanish for you know your intimate parts hahaha). And he says, “Well, I´m sure you have a very pretty chichi,” hahahaha… And without thinking about it, he jumped up to show me how easy it was, and off I went.

There I was, with my heels and my mini skirt, climbing the fence of the Retiro Park in Madrid, one leg over, the other leg over, and when I jumped and my feet touched the ground, the world that until then I had seen in black and white came back to color, and I thought… This is the man of my dreams… A couple of years ago, we took this photo at our fence… And every time we pass by there, we look at each other and nothing more needs to be said…

Well, I’m sorry for la long story, forgive me, but I just miss him a lot… And nothing, today I started the “Friends with Talent” interviews, PEIG Edition with Javier Caravaca, talking about non-verbal communication… We had a great time and I learned a lot… Don’t miss the interview… I have included several links that Javier sent me for all of you.

Daily reflection: There are days you are up, there are days you are down, there are moments that you always want to remember and moments that you never want to forget, and then there are the moments that you simply want to make disappear. In the end, everything in life is a series of giving and receiving, living and letting live, winning and losing… See? Everything is black or white, as I started to tell you… Gray does not exist…


“Live every moment the same way, no matter the circumstances.”