I love the mornings now, an impressive silence. Without a car, without any murmur of people, not even a little bird… Where are the little birds? Are they also be in lockdown?

Remote work is something that is going to take time to get used to… WhatsApp groups, Skype, video conferences… Today in a work meeting, we all started talking at the same time, each one in a different conversation. In the end, some asked a question, others answered, seeing that the answer didn’t fit, they asked again. Others answered other people’s questions and it became a circle of questions and answers in which each one ended up answering themselves… On the other hand, I haven’t seen my daughter in days. I think some online game has swallowed her.

I do see my son, since he spends all day looking out the window and asking me philosophical questions. Today he tells me, “Mom, do you know that today, just today, if you put a broom upright, it stays upright?” I’m surprised when it turns out to be true, I can’t believe it! What kind of witchcraft is this? What a thrill… The world has gone crazy… I start praying (no, I don’t really pray, I just let out an “ohmm” from time to time). Investigating, I discover that it is just a #broomchallenge, no axes of the earth or mysteries…

As I see that he is bored, I decide to send him out to our usual neighborhood store to buy some food, since the large supermarkets have huge lines and are a pain in the ass right now. He gathers his courage (with the dog in his hand, in case we are fined) and leaves. When he returns, he enters through the door, takes off his clothes and almost without breathing says “F***, I’ve touched everything, how disgusting, I’m contaminated, f**k shit, how disgusting! The dog’s shit, the store the one where I think the virus started. Help me decontaminate myself, hurry up, soap, give me soap…” I proceed to take the bag from his hand and he yells: “NOOOOOO, it’s contaminated,” I will do it and then I will decontaminate…”

Speaking of the dog… she’s tired of going out, the poor thing would barely go out before and now we take her for walks a thousand times a day (you get fined if you are caught on the streets for no good reason, walking the dog is a good reason). She looks at us with a WTF face, when we walk her she doesn’t even pee or shit, (I think she is empty). We walk around smiling at the other unhappy people from a distance who are doing the samething. The dogs look at each other and don’t even have the strength to bark, I simply think they communicate by telepathy. I imagine those conversations… “Humans, now they take us out for a walk, Idiots.”

For the fourth day, so far we are doing well. Today, the neighborfriends did attend our programed online class, although they had a little trouble with the microphones and videos. One would turn off the camera, another the audio, one was more lost than the other was. At one point, one of them freezes (frozen, frozen, literally frozen, she went to put on a jacket, hahahaha).

It takes us longer to decide what video we are going workout to and what type of exercise. Let´s do yoga; let´s do planks, how about some dancing… It’s going to be a long lockdown! I think that if the Coronavirus doesn’t kill us, being locked up with the family for 15 days will.

And the memes and videos keep coming, which I’m collecting, and I’ll leave a link below. But when you receive a meme from a family member… priceless!

And here is the schedule of balcony outings scheduled for the week:

– SUNDAY, March 15: At 9 p.m., we will go out to the balconies with speakers, and those who don’t have one, with a cell phone, to dance together with cigars in hand, beer, wine, water or whatever you have (no need to go down to the supermarket for this). “FLYING FREE” will sound to say goodbye to the first weekend of lockdown.

– MONDAY, March 16: At 9 p.m., we will go out to the balconies with mobile flashlights as a tribute to the victims of the coronavirus.

– TUESDAY, March 17: We will all go out in our pajamas to the balcony and sing, disheveled, “I WILL SURVIVE” by Mónica Naranjo.

– WEDNESDAY, March 18: Everyone on the balcony wearing Jane Fonda attire (warmers included) to do a collective aerobics class to the rhythm of “WE WILL ROCK YOU.”

– THURSDAY, March 19: We will sing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” for all those who have a birthday in March alone and in lockdown.

– FRIDAY, March 20: We will face the second weekend of lockdown in a very good mood singing “I WILL RESIST” without jumping out of the window.

Daily reflection: The days are filled with things to do and, although we complain, at least we can do something, because those who are no longer here due to the virus can no longer do anything… or maybe they also appear in the balconies of the beyond and applaud?


“Smile at life today and always!”