Yesterday I told you that the mornings are now quieter and I love them… without a sound, without birds (no joke, I don’t see birds). Today, after my meditation routine, I looked out the window and only saw our janitor taking care of our garden.

This made me reflect on all those jobs that many despise or consider inferior. Now they are saving our lives. The irony of life is beautiful and I think we needed this “awakening”. We have seen selfishness very closely in people who do not follow the rules and do not stay at home. There are also those who buy for an entire year, even though they have been told it is not necessary and are asked to leave products for others.

My day becomes more and more stressful than ever before. I, who thought I would have time for everything, discover that my carefully planned to-do list is useless. The workload accumulates with remote work, snacks with neighborfriends, exercises with them, free subscriptions to magazines, free online marketing courses, virtual visits to museums, virtual theater, musicals. Plus, you have to go out and applaud at 8:00 p.m., sing the anthem out the window and Skype with people who suddenly show interest in your solo life after years of not seeing each other… OHHHHHHM!

Now, on top of that, my friends want me to also tell their stories. The work is piling up. I will try to choose the most incredible ones and share them. If not, the task will be overwhelming. (And here I thought I wouldn’t have anything to write about).


I still haven’t seen my daughter. She leaves her room when she’s hungry, she screams a couple of times at everyone, we get scared and she goes back into her “coronacave” (that’s the name I’ve given to her room). She doesn’t allow anyone in and, although I ask her to please let me take photos of her, her response is a resounding NO.

If one day she finds out about this book, I don’t know what will become of me…

On the other hand, my son has decided to study. Even my mother said to him in alarm “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I don’t know how long it will last but… whatever it lasts, it lasts. He spends his days studying, exercising, sharing his things with me, and trying to calm his grandmother (who has Alzheimer’s) when every morning she watches the news and it seems like it’s the first time she’s heard everything that’s happening. Since the news are repetitive… today, my son tells my mother: “Yaya, this is perfect for you, since they repeat everything a thousand times.”

Anyway, another day in paradise. Will we survive?

I have to admit that I’m sick of the damn applause at 8:00 p.m., and this is just the beginning…

Daily reflection: Changes are good when they are for the better, but what happens when they are for the worse? Should I change?

“The days surprise us, so don’t hide.”