Coronavirus Coexistence, DAY 3 Sunday, March 15, 2020

Well, we are already on day 3 can you believe it? hahaha. How quickly time flies when you are in lockdown! Today is Sunday and I woke up quite early (those of you who know me know that I´m a sleepyhead). Well, today I opened my eyes and thought “what a great day to meditate” (added to the list of positive things about Coronavirus). Everything in silence, peace, solitude. A perfect setting for a morning meditation… I begin…close my eyes, start my deep breathing, “inhale, exhale”, everything was going well…

Thoughts were coming in and out… “Should I go grocery shopping tomorrow?”, “What if there is no food left?”, “Let’s see if my son takes advantage of this time and studies something”, “I should change all the sheets today”, “I have to prepare for the Zoom class with the girls this afternoon”, ” My nose itches”, Anyway, the meditation took longer than usual, by the time I was able to eliminate these thoughts (and a thousand others that I have not detailed), I finally reached a deep meditation… ohmm yes, all good until at the same time the telephone rang (the handyman (my love)) and the distant cries of a baby took me back to reality.

I decide to take a photo of my meditation, because I think that chronicles without images may not be so interesting… After a dozen shots, edits (to hide my beer belly) I was finally able to edit a decent enough photo for all of you. (Let’s see, I don’t want to scare anyone with these chronicles, we have enough shit going on…)

And to start the day… Full of happiness I realize that being at home all day entails tasks: washing clothes, making the f***ing food (again, those of you who know me, know that I’m not a good cook either… (If you think about it, I’m not good at almost anything, that’s what I’m learning at this point, hahaha).

When I finish my housework, I find the kids all relaxed in the balcony… The family, doing the “Coronasun”! (What I have called it), lying on the ground sunbathing.
I couldn’t believe it! And I’m stuck with the f****g housework. After a few moments of anger I thought what the hell and I layed down next to them.

Throughout the day, I started to freak out thinking how I was going to go grocery shopping. I have received a thousand memes and funny videos about food shopping, but I have also received many videos of long lines in supermarkets and alerts about the food limit. I’m afraid of having to go out and not be able to buy anything, and at the same time getting infected and infecting my mother. So I started looking for online stores that would deliver the food at home and I must tell you I had little luck. Either they no longer delivered, the next service is in a couple of weeks, or the prices of the products are through the roof. Anyway, I think a diet is going to be very good for all of us (I speak mainly for myself).

Finally, the day culminated in the cancellation of our scheduled virtual exercise class with my “neighborfriends” (it seems they are now busier than ever) and more housework. Trying to separate my kids so they don’t kill each other, trying to explain to my mother why we don’t leave the house (she says… “But what day is it?” “Don’t you work?” “Don’t the kids go to school?”).

Oh, and now every night everyone peaks out of their windows or balconies and in unisen clap in celebration and give thanks to… yesterday it was the health workers, today I think it was the truck drivers, I don’t know, tomorrow it will be the hairdressers…

Your positive Coronavirus reporter says goodbye for now. Tomorrow more…


Daily reflection: If you can’t meditate, if you can’t be calm, don’t do it; look around and do what others do, as they seem to have it ‘all figured out’.


“Let yourself be carried away by the applause!”