Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 37 Saturday, April 18, 2020

Today I woke up with an emotional hangover from yesterday due to my first “Friends with Talent” program. Yesterday I interviewed my friend Mar Gonzalvez, who inaugurated this program, and it was a complete success. Today, I also had another high with my friend and ballet teacher, Ángela Torregrosa. Thank you very much for her time, sweetness and patience. And a big THANK YOU to my friend of over 35 years, Dianna, from the US, who as I said in the interview, is crazier than me (if that’s possible). She was one of the first people who brought me out of my shell, she taught me to have fun, to laugh at myself, to do crazy things and to let myself go. Dianna, I Love You! She helped us understand how anyone can dance ballet at any stage of life.

And we’re back to the same thing, I sound like a broken record. I try to involve everyone, ask for help to have fun content, but there is no way. So I have decided, since I am very black and white, not to ask for help again and do everything myself. This way I will have more fun, and the rest can continue in their bubble of “How embarrasing” or “I woulnd never do that.” More fun for me! Here are the only three people who sent me photos of what I ordered, and myself of course! Thanks to all three, they automatically enter the 1% club.

As always, the day didn’t give me much more. I cleaned the house thoroughly while the Gremlins slept. I confess that I hardly watch the news anymore because I feel like we are in a loop, but there is always someone in some group who updates me on the latest shit. That is how I found out that, the state of alarm is extended until May 9th and that children will be able to go outside starting April 27th. Children? Oh really? I think if I put on pigtails, I can pass myself off as a girl. Hahahahaha, sorry, I make myself laugh a little, but I will try anything to get out. Let´s see what happens.

heart brokenToday I’ve been a little nostalgic. Last night I was able to see (only available for 48 hours) the 25th anniversary of “The Phantom of the Opera”, where the original singers (whom I saw live on Broadway back in the day) paid tribute to their characters. It transported me to another era, another moment… I couldn’t stop crying with emotion, since it was one of the first musicals I saw live (the first was “Cats”). It is a love story of being torn, something like being divided between a passion for art (music, dance…) and a love of a person. It also reminds me of one of my favorite movies, “The Red Shoes.” I wonder if each of us is always a little “torn.”

Daily reflection: Every day I have more and more questions. I answer myself, I reflect and I ask myself again. I am not able to agree with myself, I evaluate the current situation and try not to worry or think too much. Although I started these chronicles to document everything with humor, I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t care about what is happening every day and the enormous losses that many people are suffering. Today I was able to listen to some letters from relatives who lost their loved ones, and I once again asked and answered myself.


“We advance and grow, we love and we never forget.”