Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 36 Friday, April 17, 2020

Today I woke up nervous… My first live show “Friends with Talent” at 7 pm. I felt a great responsibility, since I have summoned friends, and not just friends, but friends who have trusted me and given me their time to share their wisdom. It’s an honor, and that’s why I feel nervous.

I thought that since the theme of the day was going to be beauty (I would dress for the occasion, and will do so with each theme on every interview), and I thought since its beauty topic, why not ask my friends to send me photos with a homemade mask? First error! I sent them a message asking them just that, and they sent me photos with their masks, of course! What was I thinking? What I was referring to were homemade beauty masks, they thought I meant the medical mask we are all wearing now!

Well, after the typical excuses (I have copied literally what they answered), “On my face, no, I have semi-atopic skin, and as soon as I put something strange on me, it gets horrible and it stings”, “I can’t, it goes against my principles; I just wrote a post last week about why I do not recommend homemade cosmetics”, or “I do not have suitable foods for a mask” I did receive some cool photos.

I leave you with the collage of the 1%. I had hoped this figure would grow, but it is decreasing. Maybe I’ll even start a private club that I’ll call “Nuricoco 1% Club.” I see it, I see it (but I think in the end it will be de 0, 5% club…

Well, the girls told me that some of the ingredients in their homemade beauty mask recipes included Greek yogurt, avocado, sugar, cookies, 0% fat pineapple yogurt, black honey from Galicia, rolled oats, an apple or just charcoal, very interesting ladies.

Well, I didn´t have much more time for anything else today… between the usual:

Remote work, cleaning the kitchen that the Gremlins left me at night, making food, convincing people to send me nonsense, and listening to their complaints about me, applauding at 8:00 p.m., and watching episodes of “Money Heist”, the day flew by.

Here I leave you with today’s interview (for the irresponsible people who did not watch it live) with Mar Gonzalvez,, a friend from my ballet classes and a maxillofacial and aesthetic surgeon. Despite a small coverage cut, I had a great time with Mar and learned a lot. I want to thank her once again for accompanying me in my madness.

Daily reflection: Yesterday I commented about the 1%, but every time I realize that… either I am crazy (very likely) or people are in a state of paralysis, afraid of what will others will say, or simply asleep to life. Ladies and gentlemen, everything is going very fast. The day death knocks on your doors, what will you regret? I want to reach that moment with my homework done in this wonderful life.


“Without thinking, jump into the abyss and awaken your soul.”