Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 35 Thursday, April 16, 2020

Hello my friends. Today is a new day and, as always, I don´t have much to tell you, since my life is super boring, “Same shit, different day.” That’s why I think I make up so many things to do so I don´t die of boredom. I try to involve many of you, but half of you don’t pay any attention to me. And many of you admit it. One person told me today, “I always see your posts and like them on Facebook, but I don’t read your blog.” Hahahahaha, that’s the best thing I heard today!

I think that when you see a message from me, you hide in shame just thinking that I am going to make you do something you don´t want to do hahahahahaha, Boring! You are all boring! You guys have no guts; you don’t get out of your comfort zone… Well, I have to say that this is true for 99.9% of you, but the 1% that remain are my favorites. Therefore, you can see an example of this 1%, I’ll leave you with my super fun friend (I’ve already talked about her on another occasion).

I challenge you to send me a photo or video doing something you would never have done without my motivation. Or please share the blog with someone who doesn’t know me at all, see if they dare. Maybe friends of friends are funnier than you. Hahahahaha, I´m so mean! How do you put up with me? I love you!

On the other hand, I must say that every night I leave my kitchen sparkling. I have never liked going to bed with the kitchen a f*****g mess (well, on occasion I have left it not so perfect). But, almost every morning I wake up and, I swear, it’s like the Gremlins have come into the kitchen after eating at midnight.

I have two options:

  1. Exterminate the Gremlins or
  2. Take photos of the destruction.

Today I have chosen option 2, but option 1 is closer to being fulfilled each morning.

I could hear you guys in my head telling me… “Scold them!”, “My children would never do that”, “How poorly educated!”, “What a shame for a family!”… “Horrible bad behaved kids!”... Leave me alone, I say, leave me alone, I have enough problems!

Daily reflection: At the beginning of this lockdown, I was full of hope and optimism for humanity, but as the days go by, the months go by, I think we are going backwards. The impulses of activity and adventure are already being lost, and instead of living in the moment (what I’ve been telling you to do chronicle after chronicle, trying to preach), many only think about… “When I get out I’m going to xxxxxxx”,” When this ends…”, “When will all this end?” You have not understood the lesson that the universe has given us. I no longer know what to do with many of you anymore.


“Stop waiting for the future; “The past will always wait for you.”