Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 38 Sunday, April 19, 2020

Hello everyone! Today is Sunday, and although I didn’t plan to get up early, I woke up early and full of energy. I’m still very excited about my “Friends with Talent” interviews at 7 pm.

Today was the day of rest from the interviews, but tomorrow we will continue. Although there will be a change… Well, I don’t know if I should tell it now, I’m not sure… Umm no, the only thing I can tell you is that tomorrow’s guest, Rudy Mercado, will be replaced by another surprise guest because Rudy will be part of the second series that I have called “Nuricoco conquers her fears”… I’ll leave you with the suspense.

Well, as I was saying, today was a day of rest, and everything was going well until a friend sent me a message and said “You could do the same” and so I did…

I promised that I would not bother you anymore, and as you can see, I have kept my promise. I won’t send a f***ing WhatsApp message to anyone else. I don’t need your help, I have already cloned myself. Hahahahaha, no, seriously, I need you, but I won’t ask you for help again. You will be the ones who will come looking for me.

Note: I think in some parts of the video you can hear my mother laughing aloud. Every time she saw me go out with a different costume, she told me, “How pretty, you look like a model.” When she saw me dressed in the heels and the dog, she told me: “Everyone is going to tell you how pretty you are.” I responded, “Mom, this is a costume; I’m not going to go out like this.” And she said: Well, I don’t know why not, you’re gorgeous.” This made me think: What if I went out like that? What would happen? And I began to say to myself: “How embarrassing, people would think I was crazy, there’s no way I would go out like that.” In addition, as those thoughts entered my mind, I thought, “I’m scolding everyone, getting angry at them because they’re embarrassed to do things, and here I am doing the same thing!”

I had two options:

  1. Get changed and go walk the dog.
  2. Not changing and tgo walk dog.

What do you think I did? Well exactly…… hahaha

Bitmoji ImageMy house is still clean I can’t believe it. I surprised the Gremlins last night and scared them a little. I hid on the terrace by the kitchen, everything was dark, and when I heard their little feet approaching, I waited, waited and opened the door and said, “And no matter how much they scream, no matter how much they cry, no matter how much they beg you… Don’t feed them after midnight” (quote from the movie). They were a little taken aback and started to yell, “You’re f***ing crazy” and “Your f***ing blog is making you crazier.”

Daily reflection: I am realizing every day that although my world continues to spin, often in a dizzying manner, it is not because life goes too fast, but because I myself spin it with my thoughts, ideas and actions. I throw myself into the whirlwind of life. And I also realize that there is a difference between your world spinning and your soul doing so. Inside, I am still, I have temperance and I enjoy my surroundings.


“Being still allows me to move faster.”