Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 28 Thursday, April 9, 2020

Well, my first day of vacation wasn’t very vacationy. I worked remotely in the morning to catch up on somethings and I continued organizing and saving all my computer files to hard drives just in case I have another scare like the one the other day. Between all that and my thousand ballet classes a day (the workload is piling up), I haven’t stopped.

Speaking of ballet, today I had to do my class on the balcony again because my son had training in the living room. And you already know what happened last time, hehehe (those who don’t know, I go back to yesterday´s post or whatever, do what you want). Well once again, I did it. This time dressed as a ballet dancer! (This is for you, Olga). The problem, like everything I do, is that I screw it up. I was so nervous that my son would kill me that when I recorded it I did it so quickly that you could hardly see anything. Hahahaha.

Two things happened:

  1. I stared at the screen with all the participants in squares on Zoom, and I think the one in the center (I imagine it was the coach) stared at me while laughing aloud. My poor son didn’t know what to do. It was all so fast. He told me later that the coach said, “Is that what we saw the other day?” Hahaha, and my son, “Ummm yeah, it´s my mother, sorry.”


  1. When I was running, I slipped a little, well; I didn’t fall on my ass, but almost… Conclusion: I have jotted down the days and hours of the trainings, so… This is only the beginning.

I also have to tell you that every year for Easter, “Pascua,” in Spain I have a tradition with the kids (even now that they are older) of buying them chocolate eggs and hiding them around the house so that when they wake up, they have to find them.

A silly thing, but one of our silly things that makes us who we are.

Well, suddenly today I thought… Holy Shit! Sunday is Easter and I don’t have any eggs. So what is the first thing you think about in this situation of lockdown? Well of course… AMAZON. Yes, the other God (Google forgive us). There I go with all my good intentions to to buy f***ing chocolate Easter eggs. And what is my surprise?

Are you F*** Kidding me??? Chocolate eggs for 60 euros plus 25 euros shipping costs or 88 euros for a package of 3 containers of eggs (thank goodness shipping is free). I don’t think I have to say anything else.

 Daily reflection: Every day of this lockdown, I find little surprises within each of you. Some are good surprises and others are not so good. I think it’s always happened to me, but I’ve been so busy with my things, my busy lifestyle, that I haven’t stopped to reflect on it. And sometimes I expect certain things from certain people (you shouldn’t expect anything from anyone, I’m learning to control this day by day) and those people time and time again don’t respond. And the people from whom I expect nothing give me everything. I realize that first, you should not expect anything from anyone, I am clear about that, but what I am also clear about is that beautiful surprises and those details from the least expected people are miracles in my life and I am enormously grateful.


“Miracles granted that were not asked for.”