Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 29 Friday, April 10, 2020

Let’s see, today I decided to continue organizing all my things. I have a mess of files, accounts, passwords, emails, platforms, characters… I don’t know where I start and where I end. I’m not going to tell you everything, but I have reorganized some things. One of them is the YouTube channel (it’s quite a mess). I have already asked many of you to please subscribe to my NURICOCO channel (thanks to all of you who have already done so!). This is where I will upload all the videos on this blog. OK? This time I will be able to see who has subscribed or not, so let’s see what happens.

sanitizeToday it was house-cleaning day, which is always super fun, especially with all the help I have. My mother tries to help and says, “What do I do?” and I respond, “Well, let’s see, wash the dishes, fold the clothes and sweep.” After 2 minutes, she asks again, “What do I do?” and I repeat, “Do the dishes, fold the clothes.” After 3 minutes, she asks me again, “Do I fold clothes or wash the dishes?” And I insist, “Do the dishes.” In the end, not the f***ing dishes, not the f***ing clothes, and nothing at all. The other two gremlins, one hiding in her cave and the other walking around like an idiot with his weights.

Out of the images you see below, which one doesn’t fit with the others? Haha, I always loved that game when I was little. Let’s see what you say.

Today I wanted to do something new but fun to forget about cleaning a bit. Since I am the way, I am and I have the habit of doing something new every day… Yes, it is something I recommend. It’s very simple: you wake up, it’s a new day, and you think, “What am I going to do new today?” It can be silly, I don’t know, like walking up  the stairs instead of taking the elevator, brushing your teeth with your other hand, whatever.

Well, I saw a video where…

The idea was to pour a caña (a draft beer) as if you were in a bar. Let’s see, the idea was good, the reality is always different. Video note: I’m chubby, but not as chubby as you see in the video, I promise. You can see my huge belly and my huge ass, but I’m not that huge (well, I don´t think I´m hahaha).

Daily reflection: (you really like this, huh?). Let’s see what bullshit is Nuria going to tell us now? Today I’m not going to get philosophical. I’m not going to scold anyone, hehehehe, nor am I going to give you useless advice. Today I simply reflect that everyone spends the whole damn day speculating about what is going to happen. When will this end? What will life be like after coronavirus? What help are we going to have? How are we going to recover? And I say… This lockdown is a STOP from our busy lives, in my point of view, it is the universe trying to force us to be more aware, but what it is doing is making many people very distracted. I live second by second, I’m not thinking about what I did five minutes ago nor do I want to know what I’m going to do in the next 5 (some bullshit for sure, hahaha).


“If you let yourself go, you won’t get there; you will be.”