Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 30 Saturday, April 11, 2020

As it could not be any other way and as my neighborfriend would say“F***, everything always happens to you, nothing ever happens to me”, hahaha. Well yes, either something always happens to me or I make it happen or it doesn’t happen to me, hahahaha.

On this occasion, my son, the same one I told you about who walks around the house like a fool with his weights exercising, it turns out that today he was doing it barefoot. He was super happy, half-naked, he decides to lie down on the floor of the balcony to sunbathe and when he gets up, he steps on something… screams. I guess he tried to take it out of the sole of his foot (it could have been a small glass or something) and with the same glass (or whatever it was), he somehow cuts the top his foot (don´t ask me how he did it).

All of a sudden, he starts to yell and run throughout the house. Leaving blood all over the place he tells me, “I’m fainting, I’m getting dizzy.” He lies on my bed, his foot dripping with blood, and there goes Nurse Nuria (I almost slipped on the f***ing blood), the dog looked at us and decided to lick the blood droplets. I start screaming at the dog to stop, and my son continues“I´m going to faint” I clean the wound as best I can with soap and water, and when I uncover it to get a closer look, umm, it didn’t look very good, so I took a photo and sent it to my doctor neighborfriend (the poor thing). Thank goodness, she was home, she agrees with me. We go to the health center (my first vacation adventure). Nothing, two stitches that need to be removed on April 20th and no exercise for 8 days. He tells me: “Well, nothing, I will have no choice but to study with my free time”... Ah, and he says that when he entered the health center they scolded him saying, You shouldn’t have come here because of the risk of contaminating yourself,” but when they uncovered his wound, he says they remained silent. Ha ha ha.

Well, that’s how my day started, what do you think? Luckily, I had gotten up early and already had the house clean and the food made, so I was able to relax a little.

My idea was to make some torrijas (like French Toast, Spanish style). Don’t worry, you’ll have a video tomorrow. And do other things, but after the scare I wanted to relax a little. And my kids, who have been wanting me to watch “Money Heist” for months now (I hadn’t seen any of the seasons yet), literally kidnapped me… they didn’t let me look at my phone, or get up, well, they gave me permission to pee, and they even made me dinner so I wouldn’t get up. Anyway, at 11:30 p.m. I asked for permission to write this chronicle. I do it now with all four eyes staring at me and waiting for me to come back. (So this is going to be brief).

Daily reflection:  more than a reflection today is… Let’s see, something that happened a few days ago and has given me something to think about… Imagine that someone falls into a coma or does not live on this planet and we would have to explain to them what has happened in the last 30 days… I imagine that everyone would have his or her version… here is mine…

“Well, nothing, what happened is that (from what they say) a Chinese man decided to eat a bat and, well, that became a contagious virus that has reached the entire world. Now we work from home, we applaud out the window, we keep a meter and a half away from each other, we wash our hands 100 times a day, toilet paper has become gold and politicians blame each other, while health workers, transporters, supermarket staff,  cleaning staff and farmers are saving our asses.


“The day may start one way, but it always ends unexpectedly.”