Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 31 Sunday, April 12, 2020

A bittersweet day, It´s Easter for me it is a day that gives brings in a new season full of blooming flowers, perfect weather, allergies hahahaha (well, not everything is good). We have no Ester eggs and are stuck inside but I’m still happy because the holidays are for being with family, and I am… Well, with a mother who doesn’t remember what the holidays are, an injured son, a daughter who hides in her coronacave, and a dog in my lap 24/7 that doesn’t really care about anything as long as you pet her…

Let’s see, in theory this chronicle should be full of Easter stories. Videos of kids looking for their hidden chocolate eggs (I mentioned earlier that this year due to economic reasons, well, more like exorbitant prices, there would be no f***g eggs of any kind), or some tender family picnic scene, or what do I know, something typical for Easter… but NO… I’m not a normal person, and my family even less so.

Today’s idea was to make a video making French toast… And just when I was about to start, my neighborfriend video called me on and when I answered, I see her dressed as Frida Khalo… I was like WTF and just started cracking up. She tells me… Every week I have a video call with my friends and we choose a theme and dress up… and I just kept laughing, I couldn’t even talk to her… And I told her… “Give me 5 minutes I’ll call you right now and I’ll also join the costume theme.” In 5 minutes, I only had time for what you see… I opted for Alicia Alonso.

We decided to do a brief interview-type talk that I called “Alicia Alonso VS Frida Kahlo.”

And since I was already dressed up, I thought, F*** it, I will make the torrijas (French Toast) video dressed as Alicia Alonso… I’ll call it “Blind artistic torrijas”.

Well, with all this said, Easter flew by, and tomorrow I’m still on vacation, yipeee, let´s see what other idiotic things I come up with to do.. (Note: the Gremlins ate the French Toasts, even though they were disgusting… Love of children, or very hungry and don’t worry they ate before midnight).

Daily reflection: This day started a little bittersweet for me and ended between too sweet and not too salty… I keep thinking about the current situation, sometimes I think that all this is like another dimension, another reality where they are giving us another chance, and to return, we need to pass several tests… The only problem I see is that this reality is becoming the lost opportunity to return to the other dimension.


“There is no turning back when you have already decided.”