Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 25 Monday, April 6, 2020

This Monday I haven’t stopped… I swear that now I am busier than ever. My fault! It’s just that I sign up for everything, I say yes to everything, and I get overwhelmed, hahaha. It’s just that I like to be busy and I like to learn, see friends, help… I don’t know, I say yes to everything.

Today I attended a workshop, a video conference, an online course, Skype with friends and two ballet classes. Yes, yes, two ballet classes. I was worried that I was not going to have ballet classes and now I have encouraged all the teachers to do online classes, so now I have ballet every day at all hours. And since I’m the one who instigated everything, well, of course, I can’t miss the classes, hahahahaha. I´m beat.

If you see my living room now you would die, it is divided between the ballet classroom, my son’s base camp, the sofa and the TV for my mother. We eat where we can. However, there is overbooking. Today, in the middle of my second ballet class, (I went beyond the stipulated time of use of the ballet studio); I had to move to the balcony because my son had his training scheduled in the same room. I have to say that doing ballet on the marble floor, with a chair, a dog in between, a mother who always says “you dance so pretty” and the virtual teacher correcting me and scolding me with “raise your leg higher” and that arm , Nuria”, is too funny. What passion does!

Let’s see if at the end of lockdown I can zip up some jeans. Wish me luck. “You can, Nuria”, “Stop eating, Nuria”, “Stop the beer, Nuria” (ehhh, that NOOO!).

On the other hand, I have seen several CORONAVIRUS BINGO games and I almost have BINGO already. I have few left…

Well, I also have to say that it has been a very productive day and I have been happy, very happy.

My boyfriend tells me, “Are you okay? I just see you very happy”, hahaha. The poor thing I think he is worried about my mental health. He knows I’m crazy (he’s my soulmate, so he is too), but these days he sees me too relaxed and he’s getting a little worried. I have to say that this lockdown shit, I have said it on several occasions is making me more Zen and there is a lot of “ohmmmm”in my life now…

Finally, I leave you with the first thing I saw this morning and what I think has helped me be in that state of “ohmmmm”, Zen and happiness. Created by @LittleJon and @JelenStone. Thanks guys for making me laugh.

Daily reflection: Many people have sent me very nice messages telling me that they really like my chronicles and that it is the first thing they read every morning. Even if they are going through difficult times, for a few minutes they forget. It is exactly one of the objectives with which I decided to create these chronicles. As a result of this, I have realized that, as my boyfriend says, I am very happy. I think it’s because I’m finally doing something that fulfills me and that I will continue doing because it makes me feel very good. And if at the same time, I can make someone smile… mission accomplished.


“Finding your dream inside the tunnel is priceless.”