Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 24 Sunday April 5, 2020

Another Sunday, I guess whatever that means nowadays… Day 24 of lockdown. I’m still very optimistic (I have 1 sad banana left), I don´t break any chairs when I sit down (well, for now), and the sun is out, so I was able to go out to the balcony and get some rays while I had an aperitif with my boyfriend on video call.

The only problem is that, as you can see, I got sun burned, I know! I know… I don’t do anything right… Leave me alone now, f***u I don’t care, the beer and the potato chips relieve the pain…

I think I already told you that the week after my fabulous video on how NOT to make cookies, everyone insisted on sending me recipes (but I already made it very clear in my other post that I didn’t want more… Thanks). Well now, people have taken to sending me tutorials for making masks; it seems that they want to touch my other weak point (assholes) hahaha. Well, I found a tutorial all by myself to make a mask that seemed super easy, and nothing, I decided to record a tutorial for all of you to show all those friends who are gifted in arts crafts how well I can do it too…

Once again, I am very proud of myself, of my enormous talents. I am the best! Nuria, the best! Vote for Nuria, add a Nuria in your life, long live Nuria! My only fear now is that I think, what the hell are people going to send me to do next? (Recipes and tutorials prohibited, got it?).

Oh, and remember when I walked to get my glasses fixed the other day? Say yes, common, lie if you have to and say, “Yes, Nuria, of course I remember.” Well, I was wearing a white sweatshirt (my daughter’s, which I stole from her that morning while she was sleeping, I thought… she’s not going to find out, I´ll put it on, wash it and put it back in her closet,  she will never know). Well, it seems that one of his friends caught me… Suddenly she came out of her “coronacave”… Fire was coming out of her eyes… and she screamed at the top of her lungs:

“MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” I panicked…. I tried to hide my terror… and I answered: “Yes, what do you need…” she looked at me intensely and said: “DID YOU WEAR MY WHITE SWEATSHIRT?????!!!!! I answered, “Yes?” And she yelled even louder, “MAMAAAAAAAAAAA, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO TAKE MY CLOTHES?” And I answered: “I’m sorry?”.. To which she said, I hope you cleaned it and that you didn´t stretch it with your big mom boobs!!!” And she went back into her “coronacave”… I survived people!

Daily reflection: Well, today I learned that I am very good at making masks, but very bad at sunbathing, that I am terrified of my daughter, but at the end of the day, I am happy. 24 days in a house packed with two teenagers, 1 grandmother and one dog in a relatively small space is an achievement for any family. Also with each passing day, I imagine the world when we leave our confinement… My positive side (the little angel) tells me that it will be a supportive world, more careful with the environment, more aware of its surroundings and simply more mindful. .. However, my negative side (the devil) tells me that many of us will return to our ways and this time with even more selfishness.


“Be still, Be mindful, Be yourself.”