Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 23 Saturday, April 4, 2020

We start the week with many planned activities. This week I have been super busy with my remote work and a free Google Analytics course, thanks to ecommaster , and I already have several more planned for next week. I am very proud of myself for not falling (for now) into the trap of Netflix or Prime Video and getting hooked on a series, like my daughter who spent the entire day yesterday without leaving her “coronacave” watching “Money Heist” season 4.

(This time she didn’t come out not even once, she asked me to bring her food, I don’t think she peed or pooped all day).

I also have to tell you that yesterday the glasses I use for working on the computer broke. Yes, I have glasses to see from a distance, glasses for the computer (occupational) and glasses to see up close, as well as contact lenses for when I dare to put them on, because between the drops that I use daily for my tension and my dry eye shit I can´t stand to have them in for long.

Anyway, as you can see in the photo, one of the temples suddenly went “capluf” (the imaginary sound they made when they broke). I don’t know how (since without them I can’t see well up close), but I found the mini screw, mini, mini… I tried to fix them myself, but there was no way. I took a risk and entered the “coronacave” to see if my daughter could help me, but after 5 minutes, she told me: “This is impossible; I don’t have the patience for this shit… What does it matter? What do you actually have to see anyway? Wear them with just one temple, don’t be a complainer.” With that advice, I decided to call several nearby opticians and one gave me an appointment for this morning.

The little man at the eyeglass store was super friendly and got me sorted in no time (special mention for him and his Innova store). I thanked him profusely and went home.

When I got home, while I was doing my housework, organizing my forgotten drawers, I found my daughter’s unicorn costume, and I thought, “This is my opportunity.” I was very excited to put it on, and you can see what happened next in the following video.

Just to tell you that at the end of the video I ate a cake with a lot of sugar, a lot… I thought, “F***k it!”

Daily reflection: I think the reflection is obvious, let’s see… my jeans were the first to warn me that something was not right. I didn’t pay attention, I ignored all the signs and continued… continued eating and drinking. Lesson learned… Life is two f***ing days, and if you can’t enjoy it and laugh at yourself, it’s not worth it.


“Be free my friends.. BE FREE”