Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 98 Thursday, June 18, 2020

If I didn’t stop yesterday, today I don’t know what to tell you. First, an in-person meeting in the office, everyone wearing masks, was super weird; we didn’t understand each other (although I don’t think that was the masks’ fault anymore, hahaha). Then, running to do some shopping, take my son to take photos for the passport, some remote work, cook, eat, pick up the Gremlins, stop at the bank, drive to Alicante, try to park, enter the police station to renew ID and passports... I’m going to stop here to tell you about that adventure and then I will continue with the rest of the day…

We get there and enter the building, everything was going well, we had our masks on, I was prepared with all the documentation, their IDs, passports, photos, family book… We entered and the police officer asked us, “Why are you here?” and we respond, “To renew our IDs and passports.” The policeman asks, “Is the boy of legal age?” and I say, “Yes.” The policeman continues, Do you have an appointment?” and I answer, “Yes, I have 4 appointments” (1 for each ID and passport for each one). Then the policeman says “Let the kid come in and ask for his turn, and you should know that if the father doesn’t come, you won’t be able to renew the girl’s passport,” . I answer, “Umm, well, a little difficult, he is in China, he has been there for 5 years, I don’t think he will come back to sign anything”. And the policeman says “Well then you will only be able to renew her ID card and not her passport” and I said “okey dokey” (ok, no I really only said Ok hahaha)

And nothing, we entered, everything was fine. My son in one line, us on the other. The guy who finally helps us at the counter repeats the passport thing again, and that’s when I say: “A question, to travel through Europe you don’t need a passport, right?” and he says, “No, the Spanish ID is enough, and you only need the permission of one parent.” I turn to my daughter and say: “Well, fuck it, in 2 years you come back by yourself and renew your damn passport” (since you can travel all over Europe without it, and if you want to go to the US, you have your US passport, which is required to travel there). And that’s when I think:

“Shit, I have to tell my son not to renew his, so we’ll save money” (I don’t know what I was thinking, they don´t really need a Spanish passport unless they are travelling to Asia or some shit like that). My daughter and I tried to signal him with a kind of “abort mission” sign so I made the “slash finger on the neck” type sign. The police officer looks at me and says, Is everything okay?” And that’s when I realize that they probably thought I was going to cut someone’s throat… I decided to stay quiet.

In the end, we left with two renewed IDs and one passport… Whatever, it´s done. And that’s when I realized that the next time they have to renew them (in 5 years), they will no longer need me… I was very sad… I told them, “You no longer need me at all” and my son says, Let’s see, mom, you know how useless I am, I will always need your help”, hahahaha.

And how I was able to laugh in today’s interview with Antonia Verdú when in the middle of the interview her cat passes through the middle of the camera, just like that, 2 times… hahahahaha, I had a laughing attack during the interview… You can´t miss it. Oh, and you case see me in a swimsuit, 60s type beach glamor…

While I was doing my thing the grandson and grandmother were watching a zombie series all afternoon in (they don’t know if it was in Chinese, Japanese or Korean), with English subtitles. As I wrote this, I could hear them say, “Poor Chinese (or Koreans)”, “They are going to get caught, they are going to get caught”, “How bad and ugly are they?”, “Run, run… well… I couldn´t resist recording them because I knew you weren’t going to believe me.

And well, my day ends with walking the dog, going to pick up a book from my son’s friend’s house so he could study for the make up exams, picking up my daughter from somewhere, dinner, washing machines, dryers, talking to the boyfriend, answering emails, WhatsApp messages, edit the interview video and write the blog… Are you tired just from listening? I sure as hell am. Hahahaha.

Daily reflection: I am too tired to reflect today, but I will try for you… When you think you can’t take it anymore, you can. When you think you can, you don’t want to. Constant but conscious movement is the driving force, just like the passion I spoke about yesterday, which keeps us breathless…


 “Do not stop…”