Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 82 Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I have to walk or exercise, my body has already said enough, everything hurts from doing nothing. And today, of course, it was time for the interview to talk about f***ing exercise. The thing is… well, every day I say to myself: “Nuria, today is the day, today is the day.” I figured since I had dressed up to workout for the interview, why not do something. But, you don’t understand, I like to exercise with people around, accompanied. I don’t know, I get bored all by myself. I need my ballet classes NOW!

Today the day started a little off. Not sure how to explain, it´s like when you see things that you don’t understand. You listen to things as if you were outside of yourself, you try to assimilate them but you just can´t figure it out. You try to reflect, you try to think about not thinking, you ask yourself “WTF”, you reflect again, but in the end there is no way to understand the situation and you decide that the best thing is to listen, watch and keep quiet and let everything flow (as I promised myself I would do in this Phase 2). And that´s what I did. Those who know me and the situation, I know are super proud of me…

And nothing more to tell you today, the time of the interview caught me a little by surprise and I didn’t have much prepared. The costume was a real rush (the only thing that made me run today hahaha).

I loved talking to Alex; he is so cute, so clever. He didn’t scold me or anything when I told him I wasn’t doing any exercise at all… I think he thought, “The poor thing is crazy, it doesn’t matter if she exercises or not.”

In the end, I didn’t really exercise, unless we count the walk I took in the afternoon to meet my friend and her potato omelet that was about to expire. I still can´t believe that she got me to meet her just because an omelet was going to expire… But it was very tasty, and the beers and spicy olives she bought especially for me (they were f****g spicy) were also delicious. The best thing was the company. I will call this friend the “tortillamiga”.

Daily reflection: Sometimes you have to know how to be, know how to control yourself, know how not to think, know how to be cordial, know how to make decisions, know how not to make decisions, know how to let live, know how to live, but above all, you have to…


“Know that what you are doing in this world will leave a mark on your soul.”