Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 58 Saturday, May 9, 2020

Oh, what a great time I had today! All morning cleaning and the rest looking for things to see how I was going to make an Alicantina costume. As always, I don’t know how, but with the help of my remote stylists, I have been able to create the perfect Alicantina costume. I have already told my guest Bea to please give my apologies to all of her people; I did not want to disrespect anyone. I look beautiful and I have decided that next year I will try out for Bellea del Foc (Beauty of Fire). I can visualize it… It will happen jajajajaa.

Today I officially announced the new “Friends with Talent” poster. This third edition is dedicated to some of my colleagues from Isra García’s “PEIG” program (Program of Excellence for the Unemployed), which I always talk about (these are just some of my colleagues; I will talk about each one little by little).

Well, as always, I don´t have much more I can tell you. Today I decided to stay in my house and not go out for several reasons:

  1. I can’t move from yesterday’s walk.
  2. I’ve already moved around enough cleaning the whole damn house.
  3. I’m afraid that the little Gremlin will scold me again.

So nothing, today I’m relaxed at home.

I can tell you that as always I don’t want to get hooked on watching series, but there are some that just take me in. Last year I saw one that I loved called “Dead to Me.” and I just saw that the second season is now available. So nothing, I’ll have to watch the first one again to remember everything and continue with the second one. Hahahaha, I’m not sleeping today.

Daily reflection: I surprise myself every day. I assure you that when you leave your comfort zone and dive headlong into new experiences, magical things happen. It is as if the universe gives you a push and helps you with everything, it accompanies you in your thoughts and actions. It’s wonderful; it’s like being in a Zen state all day.


“I let myself go, without thinking, without judging and without fear, and magical things appear.”