Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 57 Friday, May 8, 2020

Thank God it’s Friday, that’s all I have to say! It’s been a non-stop week, and as always, this weekend I want to prepare a thousand fun things for you. You can’t complain, I do everything for you and then no one pays attention to me, hahahaha. Well, at least I listen to myself, that’s the important thing.

Today I held the interview with Sofia Gaydos, I had a great time preparing my costume. When the mother and daughter saw me, they couldn’t stop laughing, and I told them: “Now, now, calm down, I have to present my program in 5 minutes.”

I don´t think I have ever been so hot and sweaty in my f***ing life with the strainer in my head and the sweatshirt. I couldn´t see a damn thing, it was like wearing a blindfold with little holes in it hahaha. We laughed a lot, I loved the interview because I hadn’t seen my friend in a while and I was very curious to learn more about fencing. I had no idea what it was about and it was truly interesting. The interview is in Spanglish, I hope you like it. My friend sent me a message a couple of hours after the interview and said: “Just so you know, the entire fencing community in Madrid saw the interview and couldn’t stop laughing at your costume.” How embarrassing!!!! I promise that every time I record a video or interview, I think that I am doing it for myself and that no one is going to see it. And when someone mentions something to me, I just want to hide under a rock from embarrassment.

It’s Friday and I went out for a walk again, and when I got home, the little Gremlin scolded me again. She says, “Mom, because of people like you and your friends we are still in phase 0. You are irresponsible, and now I won’t be able to see my boyfriend. Here, 57 days stuck at home, without going out even for a day, doing everything well, being very responsible, and you go and mess it up in 2 seconds.” I was responsible, I promise, and I needed it and the views helped as well.

I don´t have anything else interesting to tell you today, it has been a normal day, hahaha that is so unusual for me. I’m preparing little things for this weekend so you don’t get bored, and that’s it, let’s go phase 0, we got this!

Daily reflection: I really enjoy solitude, I really enjoy being with my family, I really enjoy being surrounded by friends. Everything is going well for me, and I think that there are times for everything and they are all necessary. I am grateful for moments like today, where I´m able to speak as if I were next to a friend that I have known for more than 18 years and but have only seen each other twice in almost all that time. And on the same day, having two other dear friends nearby (two meters away) who are always there for whatever I need…


“Friendship, near or far, is medicine for the soul.”