Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 47 Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Here we are again, day 2 of “Conquer your fears”. Yesterday I had a fun time with Marisa, and today with Daniel Mora, chef of the prestigious restaurant Sa Pedrera d´es Pujol , well what can I tell you, we had a great time. I have been able to overcome my fears a little, although the result of the mayonnaise… Well, check it out for yourself.

I’m still busy organizing all this stuff that I’ve invented, but I have to tell you that I already have interviews until May 17th and I continue to receive more proposals. Although today I thought, if everything is going to return to normal and now that everyone is at home, and no one pays attention to me, who will pay attention to me in the future? But then I thought, it doesn’t matter, Nuria, if you do this for yourself and for your mental health, whoever wants to read you and watch your videos will, and whoever doesn’t should f*** off… hahahaha, I know I´m so kind..

While I finished editing today’s video and little shits, my son was training as always on Zoom with his team. I tried not to pass, I really tried, but I couldn’t not do it. I’m sorry, I know, I’m a bad mother.

His team already asks him about me on the days I’m not there. Today I went full speed ahead showing them my big green fat ass (I was wearing green leggings, which my daughter told me when she saw me, “what the f**k are you wearing, you look like an alien?”).

I’ll also have to tell you that while I was doing a sound check with one of next week’s guests, the groceries that I had ordered online arrived. It seems instead of coming up to the house, they put the groceries in the elevator. I told my son to please put everything away. Well, shortly after, the carrier calls me and tells me, “Sorry, the groceries I just put in the elevator are not yours” (WTF) Hahahaha. To which I responded to my guest (just a moment please) and ran to the kitchen saying, “Abort mission, abort mission, put everything back in the bags and put it back in the elevator.” My son said, “Don’t f*** me.” And I reply, “I´m not f****g with you, man, put everything back in the f***ing bags and send it down the elevator.” All this, of course, I was screaming like a hysterical woman while the guest was listening to everything from afar… Hahahaha. Upon returning, the guest tells me, “Is everything okay?” Hahaha. And I say, “Yes, yes, nothing mayor just technical problems, a small incident inside the Nuricoco home, nothing out of the ordinary.”

Daily reflection: Today, finally, the government has established the first de-escalation protocols. Little by little, we will return to normal, our lives will be different in many ways from the outside, but I fear that for many nothing will change on the inside. I have also been reflecting on the coronavirus situation around the world and how each country has dealt with it in one way or another. Coincidentally, the countries with the lowest mortality are governed by women. Makes you wonder…


“Time will tell, but we will respond.”