Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 46 Monday, April 27, 2020

Oh, how exciting, today began the week of “Overcome your fears”, where every day I am going to try to overcome my fears in the things that I am bad at, very bad at… Today we start with Marisa Martín, director of the Virma School of Alicante. Poor thing, how patient she was with me! Let’s see, we tried to fix my jeans, you know, the ones that exploded earlier in the pandemic with my big fat ass… Well, here goes the Master class… it’s clear that I’ll need another 100 more classes, hahaha.

As you can see I’m good for nothing, but we already knew that. Either way I had a great time with Marisa and I’ve overcome some fear, knowing that you don’t have to be afraid to do shit, hahahahahaha.

Continuing with the things that Nuria does not do very well, I have to tell you that I decided to wash everyone’s slippers in the house because we have been dragging dust everywhere. Well, nothing, I put the gremlins’ slippers, my mother’s and mine, in the washing machine, at boiling temperature… And at the end, I thought… umm, should I let them dry in the open air or put them in the dryer? Of course, Nuria is brilliant and she decides to put them all in the dryer… Result: they all turned out perfect, except mine. Well, my daughter says hers shrank a little, but they’re not amorphous like mine.

I know, don’t say it or give me advice on how to wash them. I don’t want any advice, thanks… hahahaha. I’m happy with my disasters, very happy; I don’t want to hear anything… okk? Not a comment tomorrow… hahahahahahaha.

And here you have the result, the work of art I made with my pants and slippers. I’m brilliant. I’m still thinking about poor Marisa; the woman must have been thinking what kind of lunatic is this girl. The first half of the video she was sincerely trying to help me, but at the end, I think she thought… F*** this, this gal aint gonna learn shit hahaha.

And my day couldn’t have ended any other way... I’m not saying anything, just watch the video and, if anything, comment tomorrow. You can´t complain I didn´t leave you with enough material to comment on, don’t complain.

Daily reflection: Humor gives me life. I can’t imagine life without humor, or being around people who are very serious and don’t like to laugh at themselves. Yes, everything has its moment, but I believe that the good and the bad can always be seen with humor. It’s just letting go.


“Better to laugh than cry, better to cry with laughter.”