Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 19 Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Another wonderful day. I wake up every morning full of energy, motivation, inspiration, hope… and bananas! Yes, we still have them. It is mandatory to eat two a day before they get too ripe. My daughter tells me: “Mom, these bananas are making me constipated. I will spend the rest of the lockdown unable to… you know, relieve myself. You eat them; you were the stupid one who bought them!”

Today, my son has decided that, since his blind is broken in his bedroom and does not go up, to come to the living room to sleep, as if it were a camping trip. Normal things in a house… In the end, we will all end up with the mattresses in the living room, close together and warm. Fuck the house. As they always say repeatedly to me, “Why the hell do you clean so much if no one is coming home?”

Anyhooo I want to share with you the “baptism” of my dear plants. The names are curtesy of two great co-workers. And the “sermon” made possible thanks to my love (you remember, the “handyman”, although I have not told you much about him before, it is as if he were living in the house with us). I don’t know how I was able to record this without cracking up… I told my mother: “Mom, you have to dressup like a nun.” And she responded: “Me, as a nun? okay.” Hahaha, the hardest thing was convincing my son to dress up as a priest. He told me: “What the hell is wrong with you, are you crazy with your f***ing blog that no one reads?” In the end, I had to bribe him. We did it on the first take, because he told me that he wouldn’t do it again. I showed my mother in the mirror what he looked like (costumes made with black t-shirts and white paper towels). She was laughing aloud and I don’t know how she was able to contain herself from laughing during the video. I told her: “You just sit there, calmly, praying.” At the end of the video, she said, Thank goodness…” Hahahaha.

And today, instead of talking to you about a friend, I want to talk to you about applications and websites that I discovered this week and that I loved. The first is a super innovative website. You draw something and an artificial intelligence algorithm takes care of improving it so that it looks like what you really wanted your drawing to look like (you can even double-click on the drawing and it comes to life!). The other is from Google: simply type the name of an animal into Google from your cell phone (you will need a somewhat advanced cell phone, if you have an old one you are screwed). You will see that “View in 3D” appears in the results. Click there and it will ask you to point to where you want to put the animal (anywhere on the floor of your house). And voilà, as if by magic, the animal will appear in your space and you can take fun photos with it.

Daily reflection: Freedom, I´m realizing every day, is within us. I feel freer than ever: free to say what I want, act as I want, love whoever I want, be myself, be who I am, who I have been and who I will be. Thank you all for putting up with me day after day, for encouraging me and for always supporting me in my crazy things. I really appreciate your friendship and I hope that my nonsense at least makes you smile every time you read my blog.


“If it is in your mind, it will be in your heart.”