Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 18 Monday, March 30, 2020

I wake up to a new morning full of enthusiasm, energy and optimism… and bananas! Yes, after yesterday’s failure with my oatmeal, cinnamon and banana cookies, today I’m still trying to do something with f****g bananas. But I think the best thing I could do is to eat them, since any other attempt will not give good results.

I have to tell you that this morning I almost had an accident… I work on the balcony of my house and at night, it is a little cold, so I turn on a space heater to warm up while I work on the computer. Last night, I decided to put a wet towel on top of the stove to dry. I thought, “Nuria, leave it there for a little while to dry and then turn off the heater.” However, noooooo, Nuria did not turn off the heater and went to sleep peacefully. Luckily these days I’m waking up very early (I know very rare haha). When I went to turn on the computer this morning, I smelled something burning (it smelled like a burnt towel, lol!) and then I remembered the towel on top of the heater, I quickly lifted it off, to find that the heater was all melted! Now I can’t turn it off, or on, or adjust the temperature… Good job Nuria, hope you are proud.

After all this, the day seemed to be going well until my daughter came out of her “coronacave” and invited me inside to exercise with her. I was a bit scared. I thought, “What if I go in and could never get out?” However, being brave, I entered. Her cave was very neat and clean, I must admit. We started exercising, following her instructions: planks, sit-ups, 50 squats, legs up, legs down, abs…

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I couldn’t take it anymore and I wanted to stop, but I was scared. Suddenly, she said, “Wait here I´m going to get weights” and left the cave… and there I thought, “Now is my chance, Nuria, run.” But as soon as I got up from the ground (ugh, it took me a while to get up!), I headed towards the door and heard her yell:

“Don’t come out, stay there, I know you.” And there she was at the door, with weights in her hands, (it was like a horror movie scene when the kidnapper catches you trying to escape and has a knife or gun in his hand… well, this kidnapper had weights).

Anyway, I survived don´t worry. After that ordeal I realized today was one of my neighborfriends birthday (the doctor one). She has been on the front line during this entire coronavirus crisis. She is a brilliant, kind, intelligent, generous woman and above all, an exceptional mother and friend. Happy Birthday friend! I love you…

Daily reflection: After my culinary failure yesterday, I realized that, although I am not good in the kitchen, I had the courage for the first time in my life to show myself as I am, without fear, without shame and not worried about what others will say. I am very proud of myself as I overcame a challenge and I think I made more than one person laugh. And another small reflection: I have been surprised by the number of people who sent me messages of encouragement to continue with the blog and the videos, but the people closest to me, who I would love for them to read my shit, don’t care… hehehe, maybe they’re already fed up with me… Anyway…


“Virtue never repents.”