Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 16 Saturday, March 28, 2020

Hello again! My work is piling up! Weekends are now busier than before this lockdown. Today it’s time to clean the house, try to go shopping for the first time, go to the pharmacy, organize forgotten drawers and also fulfill the promised fashion show (I don’t even know why I said anything!). And while I am stressed with all this, my dear kids are just living life, sleeping in and making messes.

I’ll start by saying that yesterday I received the food purchase I made online one and a half weeks ago (I didn’t even remember what I had ordered). Of course, since last week, the shopping list has continued to grow, so today I’ll have to go out and buy the rest.

Let me tell you that when shopping online, I don’t know if it has ever happened to you, but the issue of quantities is sometimes not clear and I order more or less, than what I really want. On this occasion, it seems that I put that I wanted five bananas… Well, what I received were five packages of five bananas (or more) in each package. I think, the people at the supermarket must have thought… F**** Orangutans live in this house! Well, don’t worry; I have several ideas of what I could do with the damn bananas, which are greener than hell.

My daughter has left her “coronacave” several times this week and I have tried to take some photos of her without her noticing, and these are the only ones I have managed. They are, as she would say, “Random”… Despite how creative she is, she doesn’t help me with my things and tells me… “F*** you are so annoying with your f***ing blog, Leave me alone, you don’t even have followers!” Daughter’s love… I’m so proud…

Daily reflection: I have been reading and seeing in the news that psychologists are very concerned about our mental health, especially that of children.

 They say that children should be allowed to go outside for a few hours a day for a walk (as if they were dogs), and that adults are experiencing anxiety, depression and insomnia.

 Let’s see, in my point of view… As for children, if we were at the time when my daughter was little, I would personally go out and be the first one to be infected, so I understand parent’s desesparation. However, this situation is unique and we must think about others, not just ourselves. We must understand that this will pass and it will make us stronger (I think we live in an era where we are used to having everything we want when we want, and when we don’t get it, we get angry). As for adults… When I talk to my spiritual friends who have been meditating and working within themselves for years, positive and supportive people, there is no trace of anxiety, insomnia or depression, on the contrary, they are at peace, excited, being creative and they continue to be charitable (they are not starting to be). On the other hand, in the other group of friends who are focused on the material and external world, I notice they are having a very hard time and are having the typical symptoms that psychologists mention… Well, after all this nonsense that I have just told you, what I want to say is that I think this is a GREAT time to dive deep into ourselves and find peace in what we see and feel.


“Today’s mistakes becomes your path for tomorrow.”