Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 13 Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Another day in paradise, it is cold and cloudy, but at least it has stopped raining. I’m cold all the time and don´t get out of my sweatshirts and thick socks, and from time to time, I wear jeans to walk the dog. The meme that says we should try on jeans every couple of days is true, because damn pajama pants are deceiving! My jeans were yelling at me today, I could hear them say… “No… Please, nooo, help! I don’t stretch that much, noooooooo.” Poor things, I feel bad for them…

Today I got a suggestion from friend. Let’s see, I have a lot of imagination, but sometimes-original ideas come from others. In this case, it was one of those occasions when someone suggested I do a very fun activity.

(Don’t worry; no grandmother was mistreated during the recording) Hahahahaha… I admit that my mother and I cried with laughter creating this video, and even more so when we saw it…

Here you can see my mask “Made by Nuria”. You only need a paper towel, two paper clips and a ribbon (to spice it up). You fold the kitchen paper like an accordion, put a clip on each side and catch the paper in the clips… Voilà! Who said that Nuria was not good at arts and crafts? Ahh… yes, it was me… well I was wrong, I’m the best!

I tell you that I keep trying to make some food purchases online and it is freaking impossible. At Hipercor, the website is sooo slow and just crashes all the time. You try to call and they tell you to call again (It has been like this for days). At DIA there are no delivery periods until April, and at Carrefour you have to make an appointment (wait more than an hour to access the website).

At the end of waiting for the time, there looking at the little man pace back and forth reaching the finish line (noooo, let’s see, I didn’t wait for the little man, I had him on my second screen and from time to time I looked at him hahahaha). At one point, I accidentally closed the window and I was back to square one.

Anyway, nothing, I aborted the mission. I’ll have to go out in a couple of days to see how it goes. If anyone has any other ideas that don’t involve going out let me know.

Daily reflection: My little head goes round and round, and every day I enter more and more into myself. What I am finding and discovering is much more interesting than the outside world. I’m realizing a lot of good and bad things in situations and people, but at the same time…


“I venture into the future.”