Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 12 Tuesday, March 24, 2020

We started day 12th with a lot of optimism. Experts say that in these times, you have to live day by day and you cannot plan ahead since the future is uncertain… And I wonder, hasn’t it always been like this? Once again, do we need a f***ing pandemic to be supportive and mindful? I think that for the group of people who already by nature or experience lived their lives in solidarity and in a state of calm, now feel even calmer and even at “home.” For example, my son said to me: “Mom, I don’t know if it’s strange, but I feel good, I feel calm and happy.”

The days are short for me. Seriously, I don’t have time for everything I set out to do. I try to follow the established isolation schedule, but sometimes I get a little scattered. My intentions are good, but in the end, it takes me a little while until I get used to it.

Yesterday, I didn’t quite get a good look at my son´s haircut, so gracefully done by his lovely sister. However, seeing him in the morning, I got a little scared. He was leaning against the wall and I said, “You look like, I don’t know, a convict.” And of course, since I have a lot of imagination, I imagined the following… Yes, I know, I’m crazy… However, if I make you laugh, I’m happy. As you can see, we are all confined, except my daughter, well; she is in solitary confinement in the “coronacave”.

Today a special mention to my “virtualfriend”, who shared her coronavirus survival kit with me (and yes, seriously, this is a real virtual friend, we have never met in person). A couple of years ago, I tagged her on Facebook in a photo from our last ballet performance, thinking she was one of my ballet partners, but I got confused and tagged another girl. Well, that girl left me a comment saying: “I have always wanted to dance ballet, but I’ve never tried it. I’m glad I do it so well… (I think you’ve got the wrong friend).” Hahaha, I loved the comment, I apologized and, without realizing it, we became virtual friends.

Daily reflection: Does it happen to you that now when you watch a movie or series and you see a group of people together, hugging or at a concert or restaurant, you think: “No, don’t get together, be careful, wash your hands, noooooooooooooo , the virusssssss!”? Or is it just me?


“From much we come to nothing.”