I have decided to chronicle the days of lockdown that we began yesterday in Alicante due to the Coronavirus. I’ve had a feeling for months now that I couldn’t get out of my head and little by little it’s becoming something real. I have gone through states of stress, fear, terror, anguish, rage, phobia, despair and a mixture of all at every moment. After all this, I have decided to be calm and listen to the authorities (although I am seeing that this part is costing people a lot).

At home, isolated, we are my 18-year-old son, my 16-year-old daughter, my 83-year-old mother (with Alzheimer’s, the happiest of all) and a 5-year-old dog. Each of us has established our own space and although it has been difficult, everyone has finally understood that in this house no one leaves or enters (the dog has a hard time understanding this rule hahaha).

With all this said, I begin by commenting on our first day of CORONAVIRUS COEXISTENCE

First, we made a checklist of basic needs:

-Netflix (on four screens)

Yes, yes, the last two are very useful to avoid conflicts between siblings. Up to this point, everything was going well… Everything was looking good until the first problems arose. My son has a fever! Oh no! The dreaded Coronavirus. After debating, I had no choice but to take him to the doctor. I was not allowed to enter the health center and there were only doctors and health personnel with masks and gloves all over the place. Fortunately, my son only had sore throat and we resolved the issue with an antibiotic.

The rest of the day, we continued to organize our living spaces, and clean so we could face the following weeks.

The next thing was to organize myself to be able to work from home. Luckily, since I had been self-employed in the past and worked from home for several years, I already had all the necessary tools to be able to function. I can’t say the same for some colleagues who took a while to adjust their spaces. I imagine the first few days will be difficult until they get used to it.

Everything prepared, I started thinking positively and about the good things about Coronavirus in my case:

– I don’t have to take my son to f***ing football.
– Now we fight to take the dog out. Before, no one offered, now the kids fight to see who will take her down.
– I will finally be able to organize my houseand the storage thoroughly.
– I can take the Ecommaster online courses that I have been wanting to do for a long time.
– I don’t have to worry about what time my kids get home.
– I will be able to watch all the series and movies that I haven’t had time for.

The truth is that I have started to get overwhelmed thinking about everything I want to do hahaha. I am not going to give up; I am going to be busier than before…

Well, in the afternoon I decided to get my neighbors together and have a meeting to establish a place to meet with virtual beers. We found that place on Zoom. Some took longer than others to be able to download and know how to turn on their microphones and cameras, but we did it! I think we will even see each other more often now. Here we were able to catch up and comfort each other.

I have to say that for the first day in isolation (aside from some arguments between siblings), we survived. I know that it is going to be a very challenging time, but I trust (well, not much) in the human race and I hope that this situation passes as soon as possible, that there is not much mortality and that we can learn something very valuable: not to be selfish, to be more supportive, not waste food or time, learn to improve and be able to transform ourselves into better and more developed people in every sense at the end of this period.

Daily reflection: You never imagine how the day will start or how it will end; Still, we are surprised when things happen to us.


“We can handle this and more.”