Unsolicited advice

Hello my friends. I’ve neglected you a bit lately, even though now I have all the time in the world because I’m still unemployed. However, I impose several tasks on myself like, projects, courses, workshops, meetings, networking events, and a thousand other things to keep myself active and up to date on everything, and in the end, I leave mine shit for last. Today, I have to tell you many things, but the main topic of the post is the unsolicited advice I receive daily and, although I appreciate it, as the words say, it is unsolicited. Well, let’s get started…

First, let me tell you a bit about what I have been up to, what I do, what I don’t do, and why I do it. Ha, ha, ha! In the end, I tell you everything, and you love it because you are very nosy. I know many of you read me, but you never say anything. SI catch some of you  because you tell me something that I know I haven’t mentioned to you, and know you read it on the blog, and others are my number one fans and are always there, commenting and supporting. Thanks to all of you.

Well, where was I… Oh yes, that, I lead a very busy life. I just finished a production coordinator course at Ciudad de la Luz that I loved. I learned a lot, and I met wonderful people. On the other hand, I have been taking several communication and AI courses. Currently, I am taking two more courses, one on scriptwriting and another on non-fiction documentary (I will keep you informed). All this because I am preparing a documentary about ageism (if you want to participate, you know what to do). All this, in addition to taking care of my mother full-time and keeping the house tidy and clean for the gremlins who help me, but I think they make more of a mess than help.

I am also still actively looking for a job, which I have been doing since August, and so far, I haven’t had much luck. But I keep going, increasingly refining my resume and cover letter, adjusting them for each position with AI tools. I have sent my resume to more than 1000 companies, and I think only about 10 have replied (saying no), the rest not even a ‘hello, thanks but no thanks’. Ha, ha!

So, now we have two stressors: taking care of my mother (being a caregiver is very physically and emotionally challenging), being unemployed (my benefits end this month), and now let’s add to the mix that on top of all this, my ex hasn’t given me almost any money for the kids for 9 years, who are no longer children, so I have had to bear the burden alone. Remember that I don’t have family here in Spain, only an aunt and uncle and cousins ​​in Madrid who honestly mind their own business, and we don’t have much of a relationship. My father and brother are in the USA, and although they help me a lot, they are far away.

To the mix, let’s add that my mortgage has been increased by 300%. Why? Well, why not? That way, they earn more money. And finally, let’s add to the magical potion of stress the menopause, which doesn’t forgive and makes you go crazy even if you don’t have any problems at hand.

And now I get to the point of the post, and you must be thinking how annoying this Nuria is. Unsolicited advice. Many people call me or send me messages with advice on what I should do, how I should feel, etc. And although I like them to call me and send me messages because fewer and fewer people do it, when everything was going well for me economically, and I was happy without any burden or concern, calls and friends everywhere; now silence… But well, of those who do occasionally say something (friends or acquaintances), it’s always the same speech: “be patient”, “there are people worse off”, “I would go to the USA”, “I would sell the house”, “I think you need to make more effort”, “you have to do more networking”, “are you sure your Resume is fine? You should look at it again”, and so on, endless advice. I appreciate them, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re not in my same situation (with the whole cocktail), just call me and say ‘Nuria, how about a beer’, with that and talking about the positive things in my life, which there are plenty of, it’s enough for me.

Until a few weeks ago, I was angry, sad, desperate. I felt like shit, undervalued, burnt out, and I had completely lost confidence in myself. The imposter syndrome took over me, and I had hit rock bottom. Now I have processed all my shit (it has been really hard), I have been meditating for months, saying my affirmations, writing down my desires and fears, accepting my situation, understanding what is happening, living in the present, and now I see that I have a bright future, that I have many people who love me, that I am worthy , that I have a lot of work and life experience, and above all, that I am all-powerful.