Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 80 Sunday, May 31, 2020

Today I completed the 31 consecutive interviews for the month of May (since April 17th). It was a challenge I set for myself, and I am very proud to have accomplished it to the best of my ability. I am sooo grateful to all the guests who have trusted me, have accepted my craziness, my costumes and have shared half an hour of their lives with me. Eternally grateful to everyone.

Here’s my gratitude to all the guests. THANK YOU!!!!!!”

And to end the month of May, who better than Yolanda Marín. . If you didn´t see it live, don’t miss the recording. She offered us a glimpse of her enormous talent, a magical afternoon to end the May round of interviews.

Well, today I have been busy ALL day (well, delighted, actually, because I am doing what I am passionate about), preparing posters and the June interviews to get everything ready and not have to do it day by day.

That being said, when I don’t pay much attention to my mother, she gets bored. So today, I decided to play Broadway musicals and old movies on YouTube (on the TV). She was glued to the screen all day, singing, and every five minutes she would ask me, “And who was this? What was his name? What is this song? What musical is this from? What movie is this from?” And although you may not believe it, I knew almost all the answers, even those from the films from way back when! Anyway, at the end she told me: “This is great; it’s like an appetizer of songs and dances.” I thought that was a good description.

When I finished all my homework, I sat with her and watched the musicals together. When this clip appeared, I imagined my boyfriend doing it. So I recorded it and sent it to him in a message telling him that if he wants to come see me, he has to come dressed like that, dancing and singing, and that he should start rehearsing.

You have to watch the video, it’s worth it. And for whoever can guess the movie and the protagonist, prize! I sent it to him, and he told me: “Don’t you worry, start making space in your living room, you already have the piano, and I think I can do the Tacatacataca, Sizisizisizizi, Punpunpun with the shoes, and I already have the suit.” I can’t wait for him to come! (The description of the sounds is all him, all of it, that’s why we get along so well, hahahaha).

Daily reflection: When you least expect it, you receive more. The less you think, the more you learn. When you don’t try hard, everything is easier. When you don’t want it, they want you. It’s what we all know really works, but we keep forcing it. It is called…


“The law of least effort.”