Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 77 Thursday, May 28, 2020

F*** everything today, I still feel a little sad, a little happy, a little crazy, a little excited, a little disappointed… In short, more of the same hahaha. No, seriously, I’m great, but at my age, hormones play tricks on us, hehehe, and some women (like me) are affected more than others. I’m trying, I really am trying, to control my emotions, but they are up and down so today was a rough long day…

Bitmoji ImageOnce again, I thank my friends who have a “friend sense” and come to my rescue. I think I’ve had more beers today with friends than in the entire lockdown, hahahaha… and for me to say that, there were been many.

Today I really enjoyed my interview with Marina Moya from Bolsalea, , a super sweet and open girl. We talked a little about everything and had a great time. I hope you like it…

Anyway, not much more than remote work, interviews and beers today. My night ended watching the English National Ballet’s “Swan Lake,” which they kindly offered on YouTube for just 48 hours. My mother and I sat down, and she just said “How beautiful”, “How difficult”, “How beautiful”. While watching the ballet I tried to explain the story to her, but I don’t think she quite got it, I mean she got it she just kept forgetting it … hahahaha… The important thing is that we had a great time.

Daily reflection: When you think you have no strength left, you have it. When you think you can’t learn more, you can. When you think everything can get worse, it gets better. Although they say that our mind does what we think, sometimes it surprises us, thinks on its own, and gives us what we deserve (good or bad, yes).


“Don’t give up, don’t try hard, just don’t think.”